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Real estate commands one-fifth of the world’s wealth and as such the primary real estate market opens up a humungous field to associated service providers.

The real estate industry outsources its non-core business mainly to concentrate on its core competencies of acquiring and developing of real estate. These service providers essentially play a strategic role, one that simplifies a customer’s real estate transactions as well creating a satisfying career. Lets take a brief look at some of the important real estate services offered by real estate professionals.

Brokerage Services: are offered by a licensed real estate broker. Brokers are independent business persons who sell real estate owned by others, they also manage and rent properties for a fee. Mortgage brokers arrange for financing for a prospective buyer which often is a major factor contributing to a sale. Brokers have an in depth knowledge of the laws governing real estate, zoning regulations, current market trends regarding property and market value of a property. Since most clients are not aware of the business of real estate it is a wise decision to utilize the services of a licensed broker. Fees for a broker are paid as a commission from the proceeds of a sale.

Real Estate Appraisal Service: The real estate appraiser essays many functions in the real estate business. His primary duty is to evaluate the condition of the property, the current market trends and based on that work out a fair market price of the property. The appraiser’s work is an impartial contribution to the transaction between two parties. An appraiser’s services are essential to obtain a proper market value of a property. The appraiser is also a licensed real estate professional.

Real Estate Home Inspectors: Services of a home inspector are now increasingly demanded by potential customers to inspect the current condition of a residential property put up for sale. The primary areas of inspection are the foundation of the house, roofing, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems,water pipes,flooring etc. In short,all areas of a house which ensure a smooth living experience are inspected.

A home inspector also suggests certain improvements if necessary. An inspector needs to have a professional expertise about construction process and building to give an informed opinion about the overall condition of the property being evaluated. The home inspector is licensed by the state to perform his duties.

Real Estate Sales Service: If you need to sell a property then the services of a real estate salesperson are required. After a home inspector submits his report the agent will inform the client of the complete sales procedure and also suggest means to improve the position of the property for sale. Apart from performing a thorough market analysis, they inform you of the recent sales in your area and the present market rate of similar real estate. Since real estate agents are working in the field their networking capabilities provide you with a wide range of genuine buyers and screen out unwanted distracters. A real estate salesperson's service is necessary to navigate the complex process of sales and ensuing documentation. A real estate agent is a fully qualified and licensed professional.

Real Estate Leasing Service: If you have a house or property you would like to offer for rental purposes then you should procure the services of a real estate leasing service. One advantage of using this service is that it reduces the hassles of a landlord.
A comprehensive leasing service would:

# 1) Advertise your property using a custom made marketing campaign that would include showing the property on weekdays, evenings and also weekends.
# 2) Recommend a fair rental price after a thorough market survey.
# 3) Manage repairs and improvements using experienced contractors.

Most leasing services also extend to managing tenants by asking them to complete a comprehensive lease application. Every tenant is thoroughly screened by checking against nationwide landlord/tenant records. Tenants are also asked to submit written records of employment.

Using this service would ensure that you remain a landlord without the attendant troubles. A percentage of the collected rent is paid as charges for the service.

Service Management Of Condominiums and Co-operative Associations: The owners of the cooperative associations often outsource the day to day managerial tasks to real estate service provider whose duties are comprehensive. From fiscal management to administrative/clerical the tasks performed by an association managing agent are numerous and varied.

The services performed by an association managing agent include building maintenance, to perform regular inspection of the property, supervise activities of other service contractors. His fiscal duties include accurate maintenance of accounting records,to prepare an operating and capital budget, pay bills from association funds, deposit receipts, collect assessments, send late notices and take part in annual audit and income tax preparations.

His clerical duties include maintaining resident contact lists, mail periodic notices to residents, assist the board in administrative policies, manage insurance policies, prepare and file forms, reports and returns as required by law. He also supervises all association personnel as well as maintaining their duty records.
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