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Retirement Homes in Mexico - Baby Boomers are Starting to Get it

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By : Steve Schwab    99 or more times read
The Generation of Baby Boomers who have experienced the most exciting and economically prosperous of all times are starting to look for retirement Properties in Mexico. They want to take their current home equities and leverage them into seaside resort living with all the relaxation and recreational amenities that they have always dreamed about. Most need to look towards Mexico for affordable beach homes, easy living, and excellent medical facilities.

Of all the generations that span the history of mankind, it is the Baby Boomers who have experienced the most exciting and economically prosperous times of all. Babies born immediately after the World War ended witnessed the economy of the country shifting gears-from war mode and war mood to business mode and business mood. As the rest of world became busy in repairing its war-worn cities and fractured economies, businesses in United States enjoyed unprecedented boom time, with overfilled order books that ensured prosperity and wealth to its citizenry for decades to come.

Various studies and researches have thrown up interesting facts. Baby Boomers usually expect to be retired by the time they reach 65. This means that in another five years from now, the first waves of this generation will start moving towards the Mexico Vacation Homes that they have so craved all their life. Almost 60% of the survey respondents want their vacation homes to be away from an urban setting, and almost 50% said that they preferred living in an age-restricted community. Many are planning on selling their current homes that have greatly appreciated in value. For some this equity is a large part of their retirement planning. The trick is to find a dream home that will allow them to utilize this equity as part of their living expenses.

After spending a lifetime chasing money in crowded, polluted, and stuffy offices and factory floors in busy cities, Baby Boomer generation longs for life that is totally different. A deeper analysis of the numbers thrown up by all the surveys quoted above reveals that people in the age group from forty to sixty have made up their mind - well, at least a majority of them-to shift away from their present home which has so well served its purpose and utility. But it is time now, folks, to move on. To enjoy the goodies that this world has to offer. To be in the lap of Mother Nature, and yet enjoy the material comforts that money in the bank can buy.

This perception has driven the Baby Boomers towards climes that are relaxing and soothing to the body and the mind. Mexico has long been an attractive destination, with its exotic locales, sunny weather, intriguing history, and familiar culture plus of course its proximity to the home country, which is a bonus. The NAFTA agreement between Canada , the USA and Mexico (initiated by yet another Baby Boomer, Bill Clinton), signed in 1994, opened up the possibility of Mexico becoming a favorite place to retire. Today, more than a million Americans have chosen Mexico as their home; indeed it is the largest group of Americans residing anywhere on the planet outside the U.S. And a majority of this residents and investors are Baby Boomers.

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