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Label Your Boxes for Convenient Moving

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
If tossing personal effects inside a carton seems easier and more convenient, you will eventually learn during your unpacking that it is not. Many moving families waste their time stacking their possession in random containers and searching for something in wrong moving boxes. Priced possessions may even suffer breaks and damages because of hasty packing.

Everything will be made easy if a good moving strategy was planned. Organizing your moving boxes is a small step that may do a lot in making moving easier. Here are some reasons to convince you why marking your boxes makes your new life easier:

  • Labeling boxes according to room makes everything systematic. By doing this simple moving tip your moving company will have less difficulty knowing where to place certain boxes. This will also help you unpack orderly by room.

  • Your breakables will not break. Old valuables like heirlooms may be given extra care if labeled properly.

  • The kids can do their own packing and unpacking. Even if they are weary after traveling to your new home, their segregated boxes for toys, books and other paraphernalia can help them take out their stuff easily.

  • You can also satisfy your pets. Your dog, cat or bird can be as tired as you are. With easy access to their food or toy, you will be freed from the trouble of their barking, meowing or chirping.

You can organize your moving boxes to whatever is most convenient for you. It may be according to room, to ownership, etc. but here are some tips you can do when marking your moving boxes:

  • Use a dark permanent marker with a broad tip.

  • Mark important possessions with a different color then set them aside. For easy access, load them last in to the moving truck.

  • Put FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE to breakable goods.

Also do inventory on what is inside of each box. If you are using clear plastic containers, marking may not be necessary, but it is still up to you.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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