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5 Facts You Need to Know about Buyer’s Agents

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By : Andy Denton    99 or more times read
A buyer’s agent provides a necessary link to the seller and interested buyer. By seeking the best property that suits the buyer’s needs and budget, they can negotiate with the seller to arrive at lower offers. More specifically, buyer’s agents are assumed to know price differences among comparable properties. They are also knowledgeable on the property’s history and liens that make it easy for a buyer to purchase a house. Furthermore, these professionals must outline the offer conditions for a more efficient deal.

But representing buyers’ concerns is just one part of their duties. Here are five more things that you need to be aware of:

Fact No. 1: Not all buyer’s agents have the same rules on commissions. It’s often a cause of heated arguments between the buyer and the agent. Some sellers hatch a deal that specifies an agent won’t have a cut from the paid price in order to keep the offered cost as low as possible. Therefore, buyers would have to be informed ahead of time regarding their additional obligation.

Fact No. 2: Not all buyer’s agents can represent your best interest. There have been numerous anomalies regarding some agents who refuse to consider a buyer’s minimum afforded price. Incompetent agents would never haggle in order to keep a higher commission at the end of the deal.

Fact No. 3: Not all buyer’s agents will charge you a hefty fee. In discount brokerage houses, agents are willing to negotiate with the buyer with regards to their charges. Since they don’t have the usual agent-provided recommendations, they can offer you lower commission rates.

Fact No. 4: Not all buyer’s agents will agree to a buyer rebate scheme. In some states like New York and Iowa, rebates are prohibited after intense lobbying four years ago. In this arrangement, buyers need to have very few favors to ask from the agent so that the direct services will also have to be less. Buyers can negotiate for a commission rebate wherein they’ll have to search for the house by themselves and assure the agent that he will still be paid off once the deal is done.

Fact No. 5: Not all buyer’s agents will deliver a bargain to your doorstep. Remember that they’d have to make a cut from the sale too so agents need to assure their earnings aside from your financial interests. Nevertheless, it won’t keep you from snatching a reasonably priced unit that every reputable agent is known for.
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