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Moving Tips for Your New House

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
Moving to a new home can tire the whole family. From uncomfortable spaces to items being misplaced, there are a lot of hassles to everyone as you prepare to move, and even during moving day itself. You have to make sure that you do not miss any important detail as you move into your new home. Below are important moving tips you have to remember when you are moving into a new home.

Moving Checklist Item 1. Get new locks. The doors to your new home, as well as locks of cabinets and drawers have keys, of course. Although the previous owner of your new home gave you the keys, there might be other people who have key duplicates. Getting new doorknobs and locks will ensure that only you and your family or housemates have the keys to the place.

Moving Checklist Item 2. Inspect all your appliances. Some of your appliances may get damaged as you move into your new home. Make sure that you report damaged items to your insurance company immediately.

Moving Checklist Item 3. Keep a safe record of the receipts and documents related to your move. Make sure that you have a safe location for all your important documents, for future uses such as tax deduction.

Moving Checklist Item 4. Inspect the new house and make necessary repairs and preventive maintenance.

Moving Checklist Item 5. Enroll your children immediately in school. This will help them adjust more easily to the place, as they get more familiar with the surroundings and the community.

Moving Checklist Item 6. Keep your house child-friendly. Keep an emergency storage located near an exit to the house. Also, keep all harmful items and chemicals out of reach of children. Keep batteries, flashlights, candles and matches in a drawer that you can easily access but is still safe away from the children.

Moving Checklist Item 7. Always check with your insurance company about current policies on home insurance, health and automobile insurances. You can also ask for information about new policies and consider getting them if you are eligible.

Moving Checklist Item 8. Make sure that you inform all your contacts and post office of your new address.
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