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5 Real Estate Blogging Tips For Agents

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By : Melanie Speed    99 or more times read
If you enjoy blogging, consider adding a blog about real estate to your website. A blog brings you closer to the people who you want to connect with and can give them a better idea of your personality and what you can do for them. If you take the time to show your prospective clients who you are and how you can solve their problems, it will up your chances of them actually calling you up.

Be passionate!

If you are passionate, it will show in your writing, no matter how inexperienced a writer you may be. Readers of any kind can tell if you’re bored or just doing this so you’ll have some unique content on your page. If you’re not passionate about what you write, you won’t convey a very good impression on your blog. Don’t blog if you don’t enjoy blogging.

Write how you speak.

Not only is it easier to write how you speak, it is also more likely to convey your enthusiasm about your subject. Refrain from utilizing a grandiose lexicon and ostentatiously exhibiting erudition. Nothing shrieks, “Look at me! I know all these words! Hire me because I’m smarter than you!” Any fool with a thesaurus can compose the above sentence and your potential clients don’t want someone who is going to make them feel stupid.

Write on subjects your clients want to know about

Your clients don’t need to know that Idealville is the very best home for them; chances are that if they are on your site, they have already come to that conclusion or at least have determined that it’s the best they’re going to get. Either way, they’re not looking for you to tell them why they should buy here. They are looking for information about schools, the pros and cons of various neighborhoods and location-specific real estate issues.

If you can tell them in detail why they should make sure to get a mold inspection before they buy, do so. If you can let them know that there’s an annual Maple Sugar Festival in the area they’re contemplating, go for it. Just don’t sport with their intelligence or yours by writing another terminally dull, “Idealville real estate is the best real estate in the entire country of the United States because we have a lot of single-family homes, condos and townhomes! Isn’t that exciting?”

What you want to convey is that you’ve been there, done that and have succeeded. You want your prospective customers to feel that you have the same aims and interests as they do when it comes to real estate and you are able to help them solve their problems.

Spelling and grammar shall be thy gods and thou shalt keep them holy

While you should write like you talk, you should make an effort not to spell like you talk. Spelling and grammar are kind of like a MLS listing. You can have “Somewhere in Idealville, smallish house” or you can have “123 Listing Lane: 2 bedroom, 1000 square foot house with fully landscaped fenced yard with carport”. Spelling and grammar help you say exactly what you want to a potential lead. They also help you get leads, as someone who is careless in these matters may well be careless in others. This may not be true, but it’s how some buyers/sellers think, so it’s worth taking the extra time to carefully read over your blog post and use a spell checker.

Talk about it

If there’s something going on in your area concerning real estate, talk about it! If it’s news to you, it’s news to the people who are looking at your site. Maybe it’s something they missed while skimming the paper or maybe it’s something they were specifically searching the Internet about – either way, if you have useful information they can use, let them know about it! If you have time, don’t be afraid to do a little digging yourself and publish the results.

You can use negative press to your own positive ends – if there is a news item out there about how 56% of real estate agents don’t do a good job, reference it directly and speak out about how you think that real estate agents should do a good job and what you personally do to ensure your client is happy. Offer to discuss the issue with people who post on your site. Go to war on your blog for the rights of clients to have professional representation. There are many ways you can use news items to further you and your business.

There are many great tips out on the Internet for writing a blog that will help get you leads – do a search for “how to write a good real estate blog” on Google for some good ones. For more generalized writing advice, hie thee over to for some great writing advice and tips. If you take anything away from this article, it should be: Be Yourself, Be Passionate and Write With the Client in Mind.
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