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How To Find Positively Geared Property

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By : Adam Pedley    99 or more times read
Cash flow every week from property is a must in everyones property portfolio. Unfortunately most people think they are hard to come by and you can only get a positive cash flow property by a once in a lifetime find. This simply isn't true and positively geared property can be found in any market condition at any time, you just need to know where and what to look for.

The most common way to look for a positively geared property is to find out the average rental price in each suburb. Then calculate what the mortgage repayments will be and associated costs. Then find out what the mortgage must be to make this a positively geared or break even property.

1. Searching the net
Search online sites such as or or you can search individual real estate agent web sites.

2. Automated Tools
Use automated tools such as Property Domain.

3. Buyers Agents
Contact a buyers agent to try and find you a property. They will charge fees for there services but they generally do know their area very well and can help negotiate a great price.

4. Search newspapers and offline print
Some owners might not publish online and you may only see properties for sale by owner in newspapers or local community centers. These properties are normally at a must lower price.

5. Mining or Special Towns
Towns built especially built for a mine or other purpose will almost always have a positive cash flow, due to their risky nature. Check for mining projects with your state government.

6. Rural Areas
When the metro area doesn't offer positively geared property then rural areas normally do. Vice Versa when rural areas no longer offer positively geared property.

Positive Cash Flow Properties move throughout time and are not in the same place for long. But remember there are always positively geared properties about, you just need to search in the right places at the right time.

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