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Why today is the best time to invest in land, specifically because of the recession

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By : Gregory Akerman    99 or more times read
The economy is in a pendulum situation. It goes up and afterwards it falls. These trends of uncertainties do actually inflict upon decision-making. It develops convenient deals for buyers from motivated sellers. The land market is now ideal to invest in. There is great scope for investment and high returns in the real estate sector. The market has suffered tremendous losses with the recession of house prices but land is another aspect of real estate and unprecedented deals can be captured.

It is hard to find an investment opportunity. It is obvious that change has occurred and lots of money can be generated from this market situation. The land sector is as lucrative and interesting as any other sector of the economy. The price of land is affordable. Furthermore, the ability to catch special deals is possible. Therefore, great wealth can be earned when investing in the real estate market. The recession has conditioned the market and created opportunistic chances to earn a valuable return.

Why People are selling at preferential prices?

The American land market is large. There are thus numerous of real estate opportunities available across states and regions. These very openings can be exploited to maximum. However, there are several reasons behind the favorable prices. The economic position is dreadful at the moment as many financial institutions have closed their doors. This has mainly been due to the granting of loans that has not been paid back. The guarantee, the house, itself has been devalued due to the slum. This has forced banks out of business and landlords to be forced to sell their land. The high interest rates, taxes and other expenses have been a too extreme burden for the land owners to repay. The ultimate consequence has been the emergence of motivated sellers.

Why motivated seller exists?

The motivated seller can practically be anyone forced or compelled to sell his belongings due to financial reimbursement. These debts can have been generated from government taxes, associated fees, bank loans, POA or HOA fees. The buyer of the land will be at a win-to-win position. The terrain will be sold at below market price and a great deal of bargaining can be achieved. The property can be cleared at a price which can represent a century deal (the likelihood to re-happen is low). The terrain can be sold at an inflated price once the recession is over.

The interesting aspect during this recession is that a lot land deals are available on the market. People who are wealthy can benefit tremendously from the economic situation. Land has always been the most solid unit of storage of wealth, while you are well-off. The price will in the long-run tend to appreciate at an average. Investment in land is secure and long-lasting. The recession has promoted the manifestation of motivated sellers, in the past these sellers might have been adamant but the economic situation has revised their mindset.
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