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San Diego Mansion, Now Just One of Many Foreclosed Homes

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
A 16,000-square-foot luxurious mansion in San Diego was reported to San Diego County Sheriff’s Department on March 26 for having been stripped of about $1 million dollar worth of expensive appliances, antiques, fixtures and equipment.

The mansion, which has followed the fate of many foreclosed homes in California, was supposed to be a drug rehab center operated by alternative medicine doctor Deepak Chopra, electrical engineer Suzy Brown and 60 other investors.

When Brown was getting a building permit for the center, neighbors protested and sued against the proposed construction. Brown however won the case and went on to build the center, but before the center could operate, Chopra backed out of the endeavor, drying up funds and hastening the foreclosure of the building. Brown moved out on March 22, just four days before mortgage lender Chevy Chase Bank reported the theft to the police.

Neighbors are asking how the thieves could have stolen large pieces of personal properties without being seen. Resident John Schumate said dogs in the neighborhood would have barked wildly if strangers were loitering in the area. This question probably led other neighbors to contend that Brown herself removed the expensive belongings from the mansion when she moved out.

The mansion, which is now just one of thousands of housing foreclosure in California, was once among the most spectacular mansions in the city of San Diego. It had 15 luxurious bedrooms and 17 large bathrooms and had even acquired a name–Vivienda.

Steven Ashkar, a San Diego County detective, said the investigation for the high-end theft has been assigned to him. Some even made a joke about Ashkar’s job of looking for missing toilets.

Even so, the toilets are worth thousand dollars as the toilets contributed to the high estimate of the theft, which was initially pegged at $250,000, well over the price of most foreclosed houses. But the estimate was later increased to about $1 million, as more equipment, appliances and fixtures were found to be missing.

Foreclosed homes have been the target of vandals and thieves across the country, as distressed homeowners abandon them. Some homeowners also vandalize their foreclosed homes in their anger and bitterness.

Suzy Brown is hurt that neighbors branded her as having orchestrated the theft. She said all she cared about was for the property to be preserved in its original condition.

Indeed, the once-splendid mansion is now just one of many foreclosed homes in San Diego, but its fall is still the top topic in the community.
John Cutts has been educated in the finer points of the foreclosure market over 5 years.

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