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REO Properties: The Safer Bargain?

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By : Rob Thomson    99 or more times read
If you've been looking at foreclosures but are unsure whether you want to risk your money on a property you can't inspect or know what might be hidden behind the low price, you might want to consider a real estate owned property. Real estate owned (REO) properties can be a better option for people who want to have all the information before deciding to buy. REOs aren't for everybody; they have as many problems and issues as other homes, sometimes more. However, in these times, the price you pay can more than offset the cost of restoring the house to its former glory.

REOs are properties that the lender has failed to sell at auction. At this point, since the home has gone back to the lender, the mortgage no longer exists. The lender also settles such things as evictions, tax liens and homeowners dues. This is good for buyers who are cautious about putting their money into a home that may have a lien or a second mortgage lying in a dark corner somewhere. The buyer will also receive the title insurance policies.

There are some downsides to REOs. While REOs are sometimes touted as real bargains, the lenders know very well what they're worth and will drive a hard bargain to ensure they are getting as much money as possible from the sale. This can mean that a "bargain" home can actually be more of a bargain for the lender selling it. Knowledge is power when you start negotiations for a sale price. Research similar homes and the area to come up with a good offer.

Lenders don't like to sell a house as anything other than "as is". Many lenders will refuse to pay for repairs or replacements even when discovered by a certified inspector. This means that you could be paying a very fair price for a property that will eat up what savings you have made in repairs and replacements. Make sure that you make your offer contingent on whether the home passes inspection and be prepared for a counteroffer.

It doesn't hurt to ask the lender for some concessions and, especially in this home market, they may be prepared to give some to you. Sometimes you can get the lender to pay for some repairs and/or replacements. If the property has been on the market and the lender doesn't see it moving for a while, they may concede some things so that they don't have to put it back up for sale again.

REOs are a safer method of buying a home than foreclosures and short sales, but you might be paying more than you bargained for and be faced with repairs and replacements. To avoid paying more than you intended, carefully research the area and home prices, as well as possible repair costs to find out if a REO home is right for you.
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