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Foreclosed Homes in Some Parts of The USA

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
The situation on the American real estate market is so serious that homeowners sell their houses for 1,000 USD. Most often the owners of these incredibly cheap houses are the banks, which had to recover mortgage and which must get rid now of these properties. At present, there are many residential offers, which vary between 500 and 300 dollars.

Banks in the USA have started to sell properties recovered from clients who did not pay their debts. As taxes and maintenance costs exceed in many cases the value of the homes, financial institutions ask for ridiculously low prices between 500 and 3000 dollars.

In the city of Flint, in Michigan 18 houses must be sold at less than 3,000 dollars, in Indianapolis there are 22, and in Cleveland 46. In Detroit, the situation is much more serious. Seven hundred and nine foreclosed homes have prices in the list under this level. In this case, Century 21 promotes a villa with three bedrooms and a sanitary group at only 500 dollars.

The price is incredible taking into consideration that the property has been purchased at the end of 2007 for 72,000 USD. According to analysts, all the communities have been affected by the sub-loans crisis and mortgage prescription has changed banks in companies that administrate real estate. They also say that often it is more profitable if banks sell at low prices than trying to increase the value of such properties.

At such prices, creditors have no interest in trying to get any profit. They only want to get rid of them as soon as they can in order not to be forced to pay taxes and the maintenance of the houses. Most often the 500, 1,000, or 3,000 dollars have to go directly in the accounts of real estate agencies to pay commissions. There are situations in which creditors need to pay additional sums to convince consultants to list the houses they have recovered.

The USA has adopted a considerable decrease of taxes when they purchase foreclosed homes. The American Senate has approved the reduction of taxes for those who purchase foreclosed homes, according to Bloomberg. Senators also decided to soften the tonality in the “Buy American” program concerning the use of American steel and iron in public works, program that has already raised international concern regarding protectionism increase.

Measures adopted by the Senate are part of the economic stimuli pack, which is worth of 900 billion dollars, which could be soon voted by the Senate. The superior department of the American legislative has approved in unanimity an amendment proposed by republicans, which offers temporarily to foreclosed homes purchasers an exempt of taxes worth of 15,000 dollars or 10% of the foreclosed property price, according to the lower value. The plan may cost 18 billion dollars.

The senator Johnny Isakson, republican in Georgia who sustained the amendment said that it is very important for the economy to come out of the most serious recession in the last tens of years and that the solution of the problem in the mortgage area is a priority.
Julie Thompson, has been working on studying the foreclosures market, helping buyers on the finer points of bank foreclosed homes. Try to visit and begin your foreclosed homes by state search.

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