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Few things to Consider before you Decide to Buy Home

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i. The right decision to buy a house

First of all you have to decide if you are ready to buy a house because it is not like buying a toy in Wal-Mart..It's a big decision as well as a big investment. There are many justifications for buying your new house. For instance the tax savings can be substantial and the possible investment value is important for sure. But emotionally that pride of ownership of owning a roof for the family makes the desire to purchase much stronger.

ii. Can you afford it?

You got to find out weather you can afford a house or not?. How secure is your income? If you lost job, could you make the house payments for six months while you looked for another? How much do you have to put as a down payment. With that amount, how much will your loan payment be? Don't forget to add in the taxes and insurance and other fees like upkeep and if you are in for some new expenses. These are the more difficult questions to answer, but perhaps the most important thing is to determine if it is a good time for you to buy a house. keep in mind that you need to have emergency funds for unexpected repairs.

iii. Get approved for a loan

Get ready and ask local mortgage banker to approve your loan. If you qualify you can often get approval subject to certain conditions. This can be a strong statement when you are bidding against other would-be buyers that want the same house as you do. May be you will be in a good position to negotiate a better deal.

iv. Use the Free listing websites

Weather you are trying to sell home quickly or buy home, it does make a lot of sense to try those free housing classified websites. You will be able to search by zip, city or state and find out what prices that suits your criteria. Narrow in on a couple areas of interest. Once targeted, use your local realtor if you want...or you can do it by yourself if you find a good housing website with tips.

Check how close is the house from work, schools, restaurants, shopping complexes, malls, grocery shops, vegetable and fruit markets, airports or bus stops etc. as you never know when you require public means of transportation even if you do have a car. Don't ignore considering schools around even though you may not have kids at the moment, but think 5-7 years from now.

v. Negotiation

Sometimes Home-Sellers want to get rid of their home faster and put their house on the market to see what their home value is! In either case your offer strategy would be different so you have to learn what exactly is going on! Use your agent to evaluate and help you in making an offer.

Be cautious of your offer because if you offer low they may get offended and not accept counter offer. Sometimes your monthly payment of house is less than your rent. if you offer high you may not get a good bargain. Your agent should know the market conditions and can coach you in areas of offering price in relation to your affordability and market conditions. (Make sure to find a buyer's agent or seller's agent will cost you more than what would otherwise)

Generally speaking, It isn't quite that simple. For instance it takes a lot of knowledge,patience and awareness to put a deal together. If you don't have a million dollars then what else can you do? Well get ready for some hard work, searching for the right deal and the nice home. Get ready to have a whole slew of offers rejected, and maybe even laughed at...But don't loose your patience and keep trying.
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