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Retirement Living: An Environment for Healthy Aging

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By : Nelson Stewart    99 or more times read
As more of the population pushes the previous life-span boundaries, more and more of us become concerned with aging in such a way that we can maintain our quality of life. Of course, at the core of healthy aging is making good choices about eating right, maintaining a healthy body weight, and having regular medical checkups, but did you know that where you live can have a factor in your overall health as well?

In many of our neighbourhoods there are not readily available exercise facilities or social opportunities. This can make it difficult for retired people to maintain a previously healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind, a healthy lifestyle doesn't just include exercise, but also social connections and mental stimulation as well. All of these factors can be supported by a good retirement community.

Exercise helps keep as healthy as we age, even moderate exercise can help keep you more mobile and able to enjoy both daily life as well as special outings. Mental exercise is also an important factor to consider; the more mental stimulation we participate in, the sharper our minds remain. Mental exercise can be as simple as having regular trips to the library for reading materials, playing a game of bingo with friends, visiting a local museum, or connecting with friends and family. Both kinds of exercise also help keep our stress levels down as well. Prolonged stress can deteriorate most of the systems of the body and even affect your memory. Enjoying a relaxing living environment can be one way to help combat stress in your life.

A good retirement community can help you with all of these issues and more. It might include such simple elements as walking paths and close proximity to shopping, medical care, as well as entertainment such as a theatre. Some retirement communities have swimming pools or shuffleboard as well, giving you that holiday cruise feel!

Some aspects of healthy living, such as choosing whether or not to smoke, having regular medical checkups, and eating healthy are very personal decisions; while other aspects can be greatly influenced by the environment you live in. Whether choosing either a new residence for living in all year round, or just winter accommodations to help you escape a harsh climate, keep in mind what kind of environment would support you best in your retirement.
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