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Lofts: Is This Trendy Home for You?

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By : Mike Andruff    99 or more times read
You might think that lofts are only a housing option in a big city, but in reality there is an increased demand for this trendy living space and they are becoming more common as a result. Lofts are an attractive option for anyone who isn't interested in the upkeep that is entailed with a single-family dwelling but who want a home with more character than a standard condominium usually offers.

Lofts are usually renovated spaces in buildings built for industrial purposes and tend to be located in urban areas close to many amenities. Due to their humble beginnings, they often have an open floor plan as well as high ceilings. Depending on the age of the building that your prospective loft is built in and the original purpose of the building it may also have the original wood floors still in place.

Some lofts are designed as dual-level spaces to take advantage of very high ceilings and some are single story. A single story loft might take up a large portion of the floor that it is located on. One of the benefits of lofts is that because they aren't situated in an apartment building with level on top of level of occupants and apartment next to apartment, you will tend to have fewer neighbours and the building is often quieter as a result.

Lofts come in a variety of levels of finishing. In the case of a new loft or ones that have had a high level of finishing done, they appear to be high-ceilinged, open-concept condos. They can also be finished so that the wiring and vents are left exposed as well as the brick or concrete walls are exposed, retaining the loft feel. Lofts can also be "raw" or unrenovated spaces that you can purchase for the purpose of renovating yourself. These unfinished lofts may be completely amenity-free but can be a worthwhile purchase if you want full creative control over how your living space will look.

Lofts are sometimes zoned for the residents to both live and work in their space. Some buildings even renovated with an eye towards artists using their lofts as a studio as well as a living space. Many people who work at home can benefit from having a loft home zoned for work and living in as it provides a tax break and negates the usual costs associated with commuting.

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your living space then an interesting loft space might be just the thing. For best results, contact an agent in your area or in the area that you're looking to move to who specializes in lofts so that you have an expert on your side.
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