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Why Buy Land for Sale in Tennessee?

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By : Mark Starr    99 or more times read
Tennessee’s weather, diverse culture, recreational activities and land prices make it a great place to buy acreage for sale. If you are looking for one of the best places to buy land, learn a bit more about Tennessee acreage for sale to help you decide whether it is the right place for you.

Climates of Tennessee Acreage for Sale

There are two major climates in Tennessee: the maritime temperate climate of the high mountain areas and the humid subtropical climate of the lower lying regions. This makes land for sale in Tennessee particularly attractive to some people because they enjoy the warm summers but also like knowing that they can escape to the cooler mountain areas when the temperature gets hot.

Diverse Cultures of Land for Sale in Tennessee

Tennessee’s two largest cities, Nashville and Memphis, are metropolitan areas with quickly growing populations of people from all sorts of backgrounds. The rural areas of the state also have their own independent cultures with roots that extend back hundreds of years. Buying land for sale in Tennessee means that you can enjoy the relaxing countryside while staying near bustling cities with diverse populations and lots of recreational activities.

Recreational Activities in Tennessee

Tennessee is famous for many of its recreational activities. Nashville and Memphis host some of the most popular musicians in the world. People who purchase Tennessee acreage for sale can live near several professional sports teams such as the NBA’s Memphis grizzlies, the NFL’s Tennessee Titans and the NHL’s Nashville Predators.

Buying acreage for sale in Tennessee also puts you in close proximity to mountain trails, whitewater rafting adventures and other outdoor activities. The Great Smokey Mountains are a major tourist area that attracts people from all over the world with its majestic views, relaxing trails and adventurous hikes.

Affordability of Tennessee Acreage for Sale

Aside from the wonderful climate, diverse populations and numerous recreational activities, some of the best places to buy land in Tennessee also have very affordable prices. The cost of land for sale in the state is often cheaper than acreage in the Western or Northern United States. Since there is still plenty of rural acreage for sale, many people find that they can afford to purchase estates that are much larger that they could afford in other regions.

Many people are also attracted to Tennessee’s state tax laws. Tennessee does not subtract state income tax from salaries and wages, which means those who live there get to keep a higher percentage of their earnings, as compared with other regions in the U.S.

While Tennessee has lots of rural and suburban acreage for sale, some of the best places to buy land are going quickly. Using this opportunity to look at the Tennessee land for sale could be the best way to get low prices on popular areas.
Mark Starr covers acreage for sale articles for the website Acreage Anywhere, specializing in information on the best places to buy land through news and articles.

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