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The Mortgage Crisis in US Beats Record

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
The mortgage crisis in the United States beats record after record. Tax foreclosure properties have lead to the biggest losses for banks in America, a domino effect on international financial markets and the cheapest houses. A home in Detroit has sold for a buck.

A new record was established on the tax foreclosures properties market. This time, it is a minimum on the building site. In Detroit, United States, a house was sold with the ridiculous price of one dollar. The house, located in the eastern part of the city was foreclosed by the bank last summer, after the owners who bought it in November 2006 with 65 thousand dollars have not managed to pay rates.

Willing to sell the property, the bank has made a sale, but nobody wanted to buy it. Therefore, it was sold at the incredible price of a dollar. In addition, the bank has agreed to pay 2,500 dollars as sales commissions and other 1,000 dollars bonus.

All costs are about 10 thousand dollars. Despite of the symbolic price, the house has been sold after 19 days. It was bought by a local woman, who said that the property is an investment.

However, taxes in 2009 will take out of pocket of the new owner about four thousand dollars. The price of this house in Detroit seems painfully small, but it shows the depth of the crisis in sub-loans felt in the United States.

In addition, from how hard the house was sold we realize the exaggerated number of tax foreclosure properties in poor areas of major American cities. To continue with, the time of resale profits seems to have passed for a long time in the United States. Now, those who buy in the idea of selling in more than a year often get at a loss. From this situation, ordinary owners have suffered, speculators, but also those whose mortgages have been prescribed. According to Forbes, one third of the properties of America are in the danger of being owned by banks.

The tax foreclosures market in the U.S. is in free fall! In the majority of the states, the owners cannot obtain on their homes now even the money they have paid to buy them. The most affected by the mortgage crisis are Los Angeles, Sacramento, California, and Las Vegas. Here over 20% of those who have brought homes for sale have them less than 12 months ago and more than half of the transactions in quarter II were closed at prices lower than those of acquisition.

The same situation is recorded in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Detroit. According to Forbes, one third of the properties in America are in danger of being taken by banks, and almost one quarter is sold by those who do not pay mortgages.

In April-June 2008, in Memphis, Tennessee 43.8% of the houses were sold below the purchase price, while the situation in Detroit was much tougher.
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