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6 Things You Should Not Have in the Home You Hope to Sell

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By : Lee Cameron    99 or more times read
Many home sellers who want to sell their home quickly know that staging is the name of the game. One problem with staging is that what seems like neutral decor to one person is a major turnoff to another. Most of the time, what you do with your property is your business and those visiting can either be polite about it or leave. However, when you're selling your home, you should consider sacrificing your aesthetics for a quicker sale and better sale price. Here is a short list of 6 things that you should remove from the visible portions of your home while trying to sell.

1. Implements of Killing

While many people are gun enthusiasts or knife enthusiasts or hunting enthusiasts, many people are not. Many people will not feel comfortable in a home filled with guns and this could have a material effect on their choice to buy yours. While your tastes should not be considered indicative of the entire neighborhood, many people may look at your lovingly tended collection of .357 Magnums and decide that this neighborhood is a little too trigger-happy for them. It's probably not true (we devoutly hope!), but it could affect your home's sale.

2. Hunting/Fishing Trophies

Your collection of 10 point bucks or record-setting salmon may make for exciting dinner-time conversation between you and your friends, but to some buyers they are a collection of murdered Bambis. Take them down and pack them carefully so that they can shine with glory in your next home and not give a prospective buyer the willies.

3. Pets

This is definitely not a call to get rid of Fluffy or Rover; quite the opposite! While you may not notice the presence of a pet, some non-pet oriented buyers will, even if it stays politely away from them. Unless your home is a working kennel or cattery, having pets around during a walkthrough is pretty much a no-no. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum and keep an eagle eye out for stray hairs. Get a non-pet owning friend to give your home the "sniff test", as you have become used to the smell of your pet and may not notice a faint odor. Give your kitty or puppy a vacation in a friend's home or a kennel/cattery while your house is being shown and it will reduce the likelihood of someone eschewing your house because a hated member of Canis or Felis is in residence.

4. Sexually Themed... anything

You and your social set may think that your velvet drapes featuring a couple in flagrante delicto are daring and beautiful, but the person touring your home will probably not. As a nod to their sensibilities, exchange your favorite drapes for something a little less artistic. The same goes for your library of erotica and any aides d' amour that you might have as shelf decorations. The hooks in your bedroom ceiling should probably be removed as well, unless you plan to hang a plant or something on there.

5.War Memorabilia

Collections of gas masks and a Nazi uniform doth not a homey home make. Save it for your new home, where your grenade case can shine in all its polished glory. While Mein Kampf is an important historical document, it may not be considered in that light by someone whose family experienced discrimination and death in WWII. Just put it away until you sell or, at least, until the buyer is finished touring the home.

6. Racist/Sexist/Anythingist Items

Aside from the questionable sensibilities of anyone who thinks Ku Klux Klan themed items are great room décor, there is the issue of what your buyers will be impressed by. Many will not buy from you on principle. Even if the item is something that you find funny and inoffensive and don’t take seriously, like a “blonde joke” poster, take it down until you have a new home to put it up in.
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