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After Your Home Sells: Successful Relocating

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By : Lauren Kline    99 or more times read
Relocating to another city is never an easy endeavor. If you relocate on your own whim, chances are you know something about the city already but if you get transferred for work it might be a different story. No matter what your circumstances, the key to a successful relocation is familiarization with your new surroundings.

If you are relocating on your own, it can be a bit of a mixed blessing. On one hand, you only have yourself to worry about but on the other hand, you only have yourself to rely on as well. Relocating with your family will be trickier because you have more opinions to take into account and more issues to worry about. It can be argued though that relocating with teenagers is potentially the hardest move of all.

Consider starting the familiarizing process before you actually move; get started as soon as you know where it is that you'll be going. Take a look online for the city or town's webpage, most places have these. It will give you an idea of what kinds of events and facilities will be available to you. If you belong to any major organizations that have branches in other cities, see if they have a branch in your new area. Look into taking some classes when you get to your new location, you can learn new skills and meet some new people all at once.

Get your spouse and children involved in this process as well; everyone should have something to look forward to doing when they get to the new place. It is especially important to get your teenagers on board during this process so they don't feel like they have no control over what's happening. They can look up locations of their favourite stores or see where the closest concert venue is to your new home.

When you get to your destination make sure to keep positive. Yes, moving to a brand new place can be scary, even for grownups. Be honest with your kids about how you feel about the move but make sure they know that you're working together as a family to settle in. Get your family involved with trying out new things and going adventuring in your new city. Let each member of the family have a say about what new things they'd like to try or go and see.

If you're single, try to invite new people that you meet along on your adventures. If you're having a hard time meeting people outside of work, try volunteering. Every locale has an SPCA with dogs that need walking or political offices that need helpers. Sometimes just being home alone can be lonely in a new city; try taking your book or your laptop to a local cafe every Sunday morning to just be around people. Being a regular somewhere will make your new neighbourhood start to feel more like home.

Take the time on weekends to take a drive or a walk around your neighbourhood. Travel around different areas, checking out all the streets to help you familiarize yourself with them. Try driving home from work different ways so you get a better mental map of your area. A Saturday afternoon walk with your family could become your new family tradition.

All in all, successful relocation is a lot like dealing with jet lag on a bigger scale; just like working to avoid jet lag, the key is in getting into your destination's environment before you actually go there. Work with your family to fully explore your new home town together or make some new friends to guide you into the best aspects of your new environment.
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