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Buying a Home? Be Upfront with Your Agent

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By : Justin Lee    99 or more times read
I have a good friend in real estate who is working hard at building his business to provide the best service that he can to his clients. Not long ago he was working with a couple to find a suitable property for them. He showed them home after home, working hard to try to find what they said that they were looking for. Weeks after their initial consultation, they commented that the properties he'd shown them wouldn't be large enough for them to keep a horse on.

They wanted to buy a horse, having not previously mentioned wanting to keep large animals. Ever.

I have to admit, I was really impressed when he told me that he had kept calm when they mentioned that to him; I can't say I would have been as restrained. In effect, his clients had wasted weeks of time that he could have been looking for a more appropriate property for them on which they could have kept horses. Don't assume that your agent is the Amazing Kreskin; I can assure you that very few realtors will claim to be able to read your mind.

While I think that agents should ask their clients questions, I don't believe that it is up to the agent to ask his or her clients for every possible combination of needs that they might require out of a property. At some point it becomes the responsibility of the buyer to let the agent know what they need.

When you start out with a new agent it is imperative that you express not only what your current needs are but also what your projected needs will be in the near future. If you're planning on having children, caring for an elderly parent or buying a horse, let your agent know. If you're looking for a home to fix up and sell in a few years, let your agent know. Any hints that you can give your agent about what kind of property will best suit your needs will help ensure the best possible outcome.

What some buyers do not seem to understand is that the most effective real relationship between agent and client is not one where the client is completely passive. Your agent will lead you through the process of home buying but in order to get what you want out of the experience, you have to actually know what you want. Take some time before beginning the home purchasing journey to reflect on what you want now and in the near future so that you can share that with your agent.

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