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How Real Estate Professionals Build a Massive Following on Twitter

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By : Kevin Curtis    99 or more times read
Social networking offers a great opportunity for Realtors. Through the use of social media and supporting sites like photo and video sharing, you can easily meet new leads daily. What are the best ways to get new followers on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook?

Software to Generate Followers

There is no shortage of people competing for the highest number of followers they can get. Several pieces of software are available to help you create tens of thousands of followers in a very short amount of time. If you'd rather stick with a few hundred or thousand followers, finding them manually may be your best option.

Hummingbird and Mr. Tweet are two very popular pieces of software to help increase your followers. Most follower generation software is free, but some of it offers other perks that help manage your list and even send automated messages round the clock. Twitter users around the globe would have a higher chance of seeing your tweets with such software.

Suggested Users

The "Suggested Users" feature scours other profiles that are similar to yours and recommends a list of several Twitter users. Simply click the ones you'd like to follow and click the appropriate button to follow them. If you come to find that they are spammers or they post messages you don't care to read, removing them from your list is as easy as a few clicks.

Tweets, Re-tweets and Re-follows

Twitter's message system allows you to microblog up to 140 characters in a message. This message, similar to an instant message or a text message, is called a tweet. The people who are currently following you will see all of your tweets. People who are watching the "Everyone" tab will also see, although messages there tend to disappear quickly!

Re-tweets are your messages that your followers feel are important enough to copy to their followers. A re-tweet will contain your username so others who see it may also become followers. The more important or useful your tweets, the more they will be re-tweeted.

Re-follows are just as they sound. When someone follows you, take the time to follow them. You may follow and un-follow anyone at any given time. Following more people is the best way to ensure a high number of followers yourself.

Follow Other Realtors

Look for other Realtors that have several followers and follow them. The purpose of social media is to spread the word about others as much as your own business. When you prove yourself trustworthy and informative, other Realtors will re-tweet your tweets. Re-tweets are Twitter's form of word of mouth advertising. Tweets and re-tweets are sent immediately to thousands of people.

Follow Other Twitter Users Who Have a Large Following

Others who have a high number of followers often follow you when you follow them. Use that to your advantage. Follow people with thousands of followers and take the time to click through their followers. You may find that you have more in common with them than the simple fact that you'd like to sell them real estate. Creating friendships via social networking is a great way to build your reputation as a successful Realtor.

Quality Tweets

Don't spam your followers. They follow you for up to date information on property listings and other interesting real estate related business. Read what they have to say and answer their questions promptly. When you tweet about something that your followers found informative or useful, they will usually take the time to re-tweet it. Their tweets reach their followers and the spread of your original message grows exponentially.
Kevin Curtis is a licensed agent with RE/MAX Advantage Plus and The Minnesota Real Estate Team. The #1 Re/Max team in MN for 2006 2009. Search
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