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Choosing a Friendly Neighborhood

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By : Jerry Clifford    99 or more times read
When you're looking for your dream home in the perfect neighborhood be wary of deal that seems too good to be true because it just might be. Even if the house itself is the picture of perfection, the neighboring residents can create a toxic environment, at least figuratively.

Most of us have (or do) live in neighborhoods where we aren't best friends with everyone else on the street and are quite fine with not living in an area where everyone thinks that we're amazing. However, living across the street or next door to people who think that we're the antichrist is an entirely other matter.

When someone moves into your neighborhood and creates drama there is little you can do about it if they aren't breaking the law. However, when you are looking to move into an existing neighborhood it is an opportune time to make sure that you're entering an environment where you will feel welcome or at least don't feel harassed. It's best to be a little picky about the environment that you'll be immersing yourself in, even if you don't plan on throwing block parties and dropping in on your neighbors for tea.

When you decide that a house just might be "the one", take some time to look at the street that it's on. Do any of the homes in the area look like they aren't decently well maintained? All the homes on the street don't need expensive landscaping, but they should have their lawns mown regularly. An overgrown lawn and dead plants in the yard might be the sign of a negligent landlord or residents who just don't care about their home. Be wary of neighborhoods where a number of homes are vacant as they might be attracting problems. Check out the houses that back onto the property as well; backyards are where your neighbors socialize or possibly where they store their old appliances.

Since you won't live in your new neighborhood only during the middle of the day, take the time to visit the area during different times of day and night. This will give you an idea if the traffic on that road is particularly heavy at certain times of day as well as what sort of people you should expect to see walking in the neighborhood in the evenings. Some areas are quiet during the day but may have an unwelcome element come out after dark.

Take time to talk to neighbors before you decide to buy and then temper what they tell you with the realization that everyone has their own perspective. If the complaints about other neighbors seem random and fairly petty then you likely have nothing to worry about. If most of the neighbors all have a complaint about one other neighbor, particularly one who might live next door to the house you're thinking of buying, then you should be concerned. A chat with local business owners and local law enforcement can help with any questions that you might have about the area as well.

All in all, the period before you decide to purchase a house is when you'll have more say in the surroundings that you'll live in than any other time; take the time to thoroughly research what sort of social dynamic that you're getting yourself into before making the plunge.
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