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Staging a Home with a Pool: No Swamp Monsters Allowed

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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
If you've looked at house listings online in this atmosphere of foreclosures you have likely seen a number of pictures taken of bank-owned properties with pools that look like the possible residence of the creature from the black (or green) lagoon. Sadly enough, not all of the homes being sold with green slimy goo in their pools are vacant.

Even if you aren't using your pool it shouldn't resemble a vat of pea soup. Keeping up with the maintenance of your swimming pool will make your entire home more appealing while a gunky pool will make prospective buyers question whether or not you do upkeep on any part of your home.

Continue with your regular maintenance to keep your pool in use able condition if it's relatively clean, but if there are issues with the condition of the water then steps will need to be taken to get it back to crystal clarity.

There are a number of reasons why a pool might be in less than pristine condition for example: lack of regular chemical maintenance, lack of pool vacuuming, insufficient filtering, malfunctioning equipment, contaminates being introduced to the water.

Before you start with your pool clean up, have the water analyzed. Either buy a test that you can administer yourself or have a pool professional do it for you. With the information gained from a water test you can see just what types of chemicals you may need to add to your water.

To clean your pool, if you're doing it yourself, add whatever pool chemicals are required for your particular pH problem. Give your pool a good thorough scrub down to loosen up any residue that needs to be vacuumed or skimmed from the water. Vacuum and skim your pool to remove all the algae and debris that you can. After this you will need to add a chlorine product and run your filter until all traces of the algae is gone.

If the job looks particularly onerous or if you're just too lazy to do all that work, you may want to hire someone to clean your pool out and just be responsible for the upkeep. A particularly slimy pool can be a big job to clean up and may prove to be more work than you have time for.

If you have questions about your particular pool problems don't hesitate to contact a pool cleaning professional for specific solutions to your problem. Different varieties of algae or swamp monsters may require different solutions.

When it comes right down to it, any areas of your home that are left unmaintained look ugly and communicate to a prospective buyer that you don't care about your home. A clean pool will look a million times better than a green slough in your backyard and attract more serious offers on your home to boot.

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