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Real Estate Blogging: Appealing to a Varied Audience

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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
When you're looking to help clients sell or buy homes in a particular area it is a good idea to keep in mind that people who live in any one particular area aren't just little clones who sprouted out of the ground there, at least not usually. It is generally a good idea to consider a number of different perspectives when giving people a description of the area that you're looking to sell them a house in.

Many realtor blogs and articles are written so that you'd think that only professional couples, retirees, or Stepford wives buy houses in any given area. If this was the case, marketing would be far easier, trust me. The fact is though, that many different types of people buy homes and that any area in particular generally has a variation in the types of homes that it contains.

It is probably safe to assume that not every client you're going to be working with is going to be a doppelganger of yourself, so take some time to consider the wants and needs of people who are different than you. It's all well and good to include information about schools for families and golf courses for retirees, but avoid stereotyping your potential customers.

To appeal to a broader client audience without being too vague, look at what the neighbourhood or area has in it that could interest others. Don't only focus on what YOU find interesting; look at what people who live there find interesting. Don't worry about trying to make every area inviting for every group of people possible; try to see how each area or neighbourhood has its own special appeal that could be a draw to a range of clients.

Some clients might be interested in a neighbourhood that has a specialty grocery store and miles of walking trails; another might be more interested in the area's ethnic restaurants and active nightlife. Many realtors let clients know about schools, but what about water parks, local summer programs, pre-schools, or daycares? There are many aspects of a neighbourhood that you might not even notice but that are a huge draw to someone that isn't you; take the time to ask some of the residents of the area about what they like best about living there.

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