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Milwaukee Mortgage Broker - Questions To Ask Milwaukee Mortgage Companies

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By : Andrea Johnson    99 or more times read
If you are shopping for a new home in Milwaukee or need to refinance your current mortgage for a lower rate or to consolidate debt you need to know how to go about finding a good company to help you get your home loan in Milwaukee. This article will cover a few basicquestions you can ask your mortgage lender to make sure you find honest and reliable Milwaukee mortgage companies.

Questions To Ask Your Milwaukee Mortgage Broker

How Long Have You Been A Lender- This is a good question to ask because a lot of new people get into the mortgage lending business all the time and many of them are not properly trained. If the person is fairly new ask them how many loans they have closed and if they have support within their company. Take note of their reaction to your question, the last thing you would want to do is turn something as important as a home loan over to an inexperienced loan officer.

What Are The Closing Cost and What Do They Include- Closing costs quotes will vary widely between Milwaukee mortgage lenders because they all include and exclude different fees. The total closing cost usually do not include things like property tax escrow or pre paid interest. However a good honest mortgage company will quote these to you and figure them into the final amount.

Will You Be at The Closing- This is a big one because if the Wisconsin mortgage broker does not go to their loan closings chances are they maybe trying to switch you or try some tricks. Although they may have legitimate reasons most good brokers and lenders attend their closings to answer any questions the client may have about their loan.

Is My Interest Rate Locked- Locking the interest rate secures the rate you were quoted for a period of normally 30 days. Many Milwaukee mortgage companies lock rates at document signing but many do not. By not locking they are hoping that rates go down to give you a better deal or that the commission from the lender goes up for the rate you are getting. Either way is risky if the market changes so if you want the rate you were quoted, demand it be locked and ask for a rate lock confirmation letter.
What Else Should a Good Milwaukee Mortgage Lender Do

A good Wisconsin Mortgage Broker should not only give you the right loan for the best deal but they should also answer all of your questions and make you feel at home.

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