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Land for Sale in Navajo County

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By : Mark Starr    99 or more times read
If you would like to purchase Arizona land for sale, then you should consider looking at acreage in Navajo County. Navajo County is one of the best places to buy land in Arizona, especially for those who are interested in ranch property.

Inexpensive Arizona Acreage for Sale

Many people find that Navajo County is one of the best places to buy land in Arizona because the prices are inexpensive. Arizona land for sale in big cities like Phoenix can cost a lot of money, which makes it costly for those who wish to purchase large lots.

Even many of the towns surrounding metropolitan areas are becoming more expensive than Navajo County because large numbers of people want to live in suburban areas while they work in the city. The Arizona land for sale in Navajo County, however, remains affordable.

Plenty of Arizona Land for Sale in Navajo County

One of the reasons that Navajo Countyís land prices are inexpensive is that the area has a low population density. This also makes it one of the best places to buy land for those who want to own large ranches. On average, there are only five homes per square mile in Navajo County. With so much open AZ land for sale, you could easily purchase ranch property where you can enjoy your privacy and the natural beauty of the area.

AZ Land for Sale -- Geography in Navajo County

Those who purchase land for sale in Navajo County have the advantage of living in a geographically diverse area that is full of natural beauty. Many people think of open desert when they consider Arizona land for sale. Navajo County, though, has much more to offer than just large expanses of arid land.

In fact, the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines on the North American continent is located in Navajo County. Monument Valley and part of the Petrified Forest National Park are also located in Navajo County. This makes the area one of the best places to buy land for those who enjoy a diversely beautiful geography.

Navajo County -- Best Place for Weekend Getaways

The low cost of land, wide open spaces and diverse geography make Navajo County one of the best places to buy land for weekend getaways as well as permanent residences. Interstate 40 runs through the county, so it is a convenient location for those who live in the regionís metropolitan areas. Even if you are not interested in spending all of your time in Navajo County, the Arizona land for sale there can offer your family many benefits at a low price.
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