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The Effects of Downsizing and How you can Prepare for it

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By : Tina Fountain    99 or more times read
The McMansions of just a few years ago don't look all that attractive any more. As utility and mortgage bills skyrocket, many Atlanta homeowners are choosing to downsize and save costs.

Soaring great rooms, three-car garages and kitchens large enough to house a small army are now giving way to more modest living accommodations. You may be considering downsizing because your children have grown and left the home; you may be considering downsizing because a larger home requires too much upkeep; or, you may be considering downsizing to save money.

Whatever the reason, there are many changes that will certainly begin to take place in your life. And being prepared for those changes will make the transition an easier one.

If you are considering downsizing, you may want to begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I really need the extra space in my current home, or can I make do with a smaller home?

  • What are my requirements for my new home? If location is an issue, can I find a smaller home in the same area?

  • What are some of the ways a smaller home can help me? Will a smaller home help me save costs? Will it be easier to maintain and clean?

  • What could I do with the extra money I save each month? Can I use it towards retirement, towards my children's college expenses, or towards monthly bills and obligations?

Once you have made the decision to downsize into a smaller home, you will want to determine which things will stay and which things will go. The bottom line is that you'll need to make some decisions regarding your furniture, décor and personal possessions as, chances are, some of it will simply not fit into a smaller home.

If the process of downsizing your home is difficult, then the process of downsizing your possessions may be particularly hard. If you have the option, consider making this transition a slow one. Choose to accomplish one goal each day before your move - i.e. closets one day, bedrooms the next. Breaking down the process of weeding through your personal possessions will allow you to gradually deal with the adjustment.

You may also decide to take a walk through your current home and begin to mark certain items that will definitely come with you. You may also want to take measurements of the room sizes in your new home to make sure that your furniture will fit into the rooms.

Now is also a great time to hold a garage sale or gift furniture and other possessions to children and family members. Plus, a garage sale can yield enough money to cover your moving expenses.

Your decision to downsize your Atlanta home may be a difficult process at first; but if you take it slowly and consider all of the benefits of downsizing, you may discover that your decision was well worth the trouble.
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