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Property valuation in Malta & Gozo - Direct from owner

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By : Graham Mewis    99 or more times read
To set a price without an agent’s or architect’s help in Malta, it is recommended to start by seeing advertisements of the same type of property, ideally in the same area OR a similar type of area. In the sense that if you have a flat in Zurrieq, you cannot compare it with the same square metre-age of a seafront flat in Sliema!

Location plays a very important role in the price of a particular property in Malta! If you purchased the property in the last 10 years, it is also easy to add on value to the original purchase price by following the growth percentages published by the Central Bank of Malta since the year 2000. These are separated by apartments, maisonettes, terraced houses and others.

Property is initially valuated on the size of the land it is on, the age of the property, the type of maintenance and upgrading it had in recent years, and then adjusted to the current market conditions. This means that it is the market that determines the price, and unless you find someone willing to pay such price, the value of that property would normally be less – it’s as simple as that. However this doesn’t mean you should sell below the actual value it holds!

Once you identify a range of what your property might be worth, you can add or reduce that figure depending on how many positives or negatives it has got. Some examples of these are below:

Good Location
Nice practical layout
Large Garden/back yard
Nice views
Excellent condition
Above average Size
Garage/drive/easy to park
Regular plot
Double/Big frontage (faccata)
Ensuite/upstairs bathroom

Not ideal location
Many similar properties on the market
Interconnected rooms/bedrooms (passaggia)
No garden/terrace/yards
Obstructed views
Neighbours overlooking onto you
Needs work / modernisation
Below average Size (internal and external)
Temporary ground rent
Parking problems
Irregular plot
Small frontage
Downstairs only bathroom

Compare the above with what is in competition with you for the same price range...

* Other things that make a property unique and valued more than other similar ones are:
Cul de sac location, corner property, In a square (pjazza), Large windows (very bright), balconies, split levels, airspace etc.

The type of finishing in a property also adds value. Some finishing touches that add value might be:
Air-conditioning as well heating, marble floors, recently modernised kitchens with good appliances, new bathrooms, Cinema and audio systems, Fireplaces, Intercoms, alarms, double glazing, gypsum, waterproofing on roof, etc.

In Houses of Character, the more of these features, the more unique the property is:
Sala Nobile, Arches, Balusters, Beams (Steel), Beams (Wooden), Cart room entrance (remissa), Corbelling (Kileb), Cobbled pathways, Double walls, Original Flagstones, Frescoes, Mill room, Minstrel galleries, Original timber doors, Peep box, Stone coving mangers, Stone Spiral staircase, Stone slabs (Xorok), Stone ornaments/sculptures, Wall cupboards, other historic features...

Normally, haggling is common practice in Malta, and vendors tend to round up figures or add a few thousands to what they want to sell at. This can vary between 3-10% on top of their final amount they would settle at. This can however discourage prospective buyers to visit the property if the extra negotiating amount is too high and takes it ‘out of range’. Always keep in mind that buyers will compare adverts. So be careful not to overprice unless your property is truly unique and there’s no other like it! It’s also good practice to see what buyers can get at the price you set, not just in your type of property category but on all the property market! So it is wise not to set your price at the limit from the start, but not go too high either!

On a final note remember that buyers like to buy from people they like! So be nice to each person that comes for a tour. Some experts say that the smell of fresh flowers and freshly brewed coffee triggers “homely” feelings in prospective purchasers! It is imperative to have the whole house in good order without too much clutter around when interested people visit! Another good tip might be that your tour should start from the least nice rooms like bedrooms and end in the kitchen/living, as the last room is what the buyers would remember the most!
To reach buyers directly in Malta and Gozo, visit:

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