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Are Your Real Estate Listings Full of Glitterary?

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By : Todd Levinson    99 or more times read
Glitterary is the MSG spiced iceberg lettuce in the taco salad of your website. It is all those words and phrases that you throw at potential clients, hoping that something will stick. You know, words like “open concept” and “handyman’s special” and phrases like “act quickly, because…!” and “priced to sell!” This is not the state of affairs that is going to sell you homes. You need genuine, unique web copy to attract both buyers and search engine rankings and you can only produce that with genuine information.

There’s no harm at all in scattering a few better-known terms to attract people who are looking for an open concept loft or a fixer-upper. However, if you pare down all the euphemisms, do you find that 500 words of text suddenly become 50? It is better to have 50 useful words on your listing than 500 “fluffy” words that the user has to wade through.

Buyers don’t need you to tell them that a house is “spectacular, enchanting, charming” or any other adjective. Let them make the decision by providing genuine information and clear, well staged photographs. (Photographs can even sell your listing for you if you do them or have them done professionally.) Let the text be sparing on the adjectives and lavish with the information.

Buyers need to know the home's location. What amenities are closeby? How many rooms are there and are there any extras, like “dens”, basements and attics? What’s the yard like? Is there a fence? Is there a fireplace? What kinds of plants are present in the yard? You know, stuff that could actually help them figure out if this is the house for them.

There are ways you can mention the negative aspects of a home while still making it sound like a good deal. In fact, stating outright that the roof is better off replaced may net you more buyers who are looking for a deal, but are suspicious of someone who keeps directing their eyes to the exquisitely laid out patio when they try to figure out why half the roof seems to be sagging into the living room. In your listing, you can emphasize how much the buyer might be saving, such as “Needed roof replacement knocks $4000 off the price, bringing this home to you for only…”

You can’t make someone believe that this is the ideal house for them by telling them it is. Instead of wasting your time on “perfect”, “idyllic” and “a real deal”, start thinking about how you can present the information on the home in an attractive, engaging format.

“WOW! 2 bedroom 1 bathroom idyllic home for sale in Buymenow! Anytown’s best kept secret! Cozy little retreat for the single, couple or family! Set on Beautiful Purchase St, this home has a HUGE garden and lawn, perfect for the kiddies or the gardener! The garden is full of flowers and veggies – all ready for you to enjoy that perfect salad once you move in! HUGE master bedroom that opens out onto your very own PRIVATE patio! What a bargain! There is even a WOODSTOVE – heat your home for CHEAP! There is also electricity if you do not want the woodstove. This cozy cottage is really close to schools and shopping, like the Consumer Mall, filled with unique shops!”

Compared to:

“2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home available in the Buymenow District of Anytown. This home features 3000 square feet of lawn and garden already planted with perennials and vegetables. Master bedroom is 12x15 and has a sliding glass door leading to a private patio. Woodstove heats entire house in winter; with electric baseboards for back-up. Only 3 blocks away from the Sosmart Elementary School and Smarterthanyou Middle School. The Consumer Mall lies within a 5 minute drive on Purchase St.”

Do you see how different these descriptions are? Yet one does not try to sway the viewer's opinion with excessive adjectives and the caps lock. One looks more professional. You are judged by your online presence - which one of these listings would you like to represent you and your business?
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