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Staging Your House So It Will Sell

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By : Mike Ciucci    99 or more times read
Ready to get your home on the market? Well if youíre planning on selling your most valuable asset, then there are certain things you can do to enhance the sale of your home. Staging your house so it will sell is one of the most important aspects of getting your potential buyer to make an offer on your home.

Statistics show that many buyers will have made the decision on a home within 10-30 seconds of walking in the door. Whether itís the ďlook and feelĒ for some buyers or the cleanliness for others, you the seller have a lot of input into the presentation of your home. I actually find it quite amazing at how much influence a seller can have on the sale of their home. From window treatments, paint colors, furniture placement, curb appeal; there are many items that influence the saleability of your home. Iíd like to run through a quick list that will surely help you get your home sold.

One of the most important things is curb appeal. This is an area that can really grab the attention of a prospective buyer, right off the bat. If a buyer pulls up to your house with a Realtor, and their first impression of your house is that you ďdonít take care of the exteriorĒ, then what is this going to tell them about you, as the homeowner? If this is the case, then youíve already given the buyer a bad first impression, and that will make it even more difficult to sell them on the inside. One of the important things you can do for curb appeal is landscaping. Make sure the grass is always cut and maintained at an acceptable length, and make sure you edge the driveway. Plant some seasonal flowers at the front, and please, clean the front porch area. Here is a secret that we Realtors know: While we are fumbling for the keys (accessing the lockbox) at the door on the front porch, do you know what the buyers are doing? Yes, looking around at the cleanliness of the front porch, patiently waiting. For those 30 seconds that the buyers are standing there, make sure they are looking at no cobwebs, make sure you clean the porch light fixture, keep the door clean, and also do any pressure washing needed (this includes the driveway). Oil stains on the driveway will definitely detract from the look of your home.

Once inside the home, make sure you have it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. This means at first, no overwhelming smells. Have you ever been to a friendís home that had multiple dogs and couldnít wait to run back out the front door? Well, we obviously donít want that. No pet odors, no smoking odors, and no musty smells, either. Also, donít think that just because you plugged in those 15 Glade plugins, that thatís going to cover all of those smells. Nope. Youíll just have pet odors with an overwhelming berry fruit smell. Itís best to eliminate odors instead of covering them up. Another idea is to open up your windows from time to time, to let out all of the musty smell that is trapped inside your house.

Candles also set a great mood. Just a few here or there should do the trick. One in each bathroom, and in the kitchen or in the family room area. You want to set a comfortable mood, and use a very mild scent. Make sure you donít use powerful candles (for scents), or you might drive your buyers out. Just use a VERY mild seasonal candle smell.

Make sure that your home is clean, and dust free. Have all closets organized (yes, they will look), and make sure that your bathtubs and showers are soap scum free (yes, they will look). Baseboards, ceiling fans, everywhere in the kitchen, and all beds made. Itís funny that only 20% of the homes I show donít even have these basic items clean and ready. Get ahead of the competition and DO IT.

Last, and certainly one of the most important, is making sure that your home is clutter-free. This means removing all unnecessary items from the kitchen counters. Clean, clear, and free is a good choice of words to describe what weíre going for. Your kitchen should seem like it has plenty of space where you donít need to take up the counter for kitchen items. Also, make sure to remove all magnets and everything from the fridge. You can still keep the drawing that little Jimmy or Sarah had done, but just put it in the drawer for now. Remove all of the great little trinkets youíve collected all these years from your hometown, overseas, or from your favorite vacationing spot. Remove all personal pictures and photos of you and your family because they wonít help your house sell. You want them looking at your house, not pictures of you or your family. Also, you donít see pictures in model homes, do you? No you donítÖand theyíve researched this topic to no end.

So these are some of the things that you, the seller, can do to improve the overall performance of your home. It is your Realtorís job to get the people to the door of your home, but it is your responsibility to sell them on the house itself! Doing these inexpensive (and/or cost-free) things before you put your home on the market will guarantee you better results.

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