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Foreclosure Nightmares

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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
With so many foreclosures on homes happening in the country, many home owners are taking out their stress and frustration on their foreclosing homes. Home owners teetering on the verge of foreclosure are vandalizing their own homes to get a few more dollars out of their homes and wreak some misplaced vengeance on the banks that helped them buy a house in the first place.

Many homes that have been foreclosed on have suffered massive amounts of damage at the hands of the people who once cared for them. Many homes have literally been ripped apart in the search for sell able tidbits that could get the residents a few extra dollars: commonly appliances, copper wiring, copper pipes, and light fixtures. Some items are stripped out of homes not for their resale values but explicitly for the purpose of trying to ruin a home however.

Some unhappy homeowners are knocking holes in the drywall, ripping out flooring, smashing tiles, or deliberately flooding homes as they leave them. In some cases residents are leaving large amounts of personal belongings, garbage, or even pets behind in these homes. While the banks can deal with personal affects or garbage left behind, the abandonment of pets is heartbreaking at the very least. Some of these pets are discovered merely in poor health but others aren't found until they are deceased. Either way, it's an utterly shameful way for anyone to act.

Legally speaking, while it isn't a crime to leave behind items when you move out of a home or fail to clean a home that you're leaving, it is a crime to vandalize your foreclosed home or to steal the appliances out of it. If your home legally belongs to the bank then all of the fixtures and appliances such as the fridge and stove belong to it as well. It certainly goes without saying that the wiring and pipes aren't yours to take either.

It is indicative of our current times that there is a big business in property preservation; these people go into foreclosed properties and clean out the garbage, sanitize the property, and board up empty homes. They are contracted by the banks to ensure that the state of these vacant homes doesn't deteriorate further or fall victim to more vandalism. It would be a far better solution for homeowners to retain some moral fortitude and dignity and vacate a foreclosed home without annihilating the property however.

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