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Realtor Images: Connecting with Your Clients

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Realtors tend to put out great effort into visible illustrations of success with wardrobe, buying or leasing new cars, and using expensive gadgetry. A lot of this makes sense, you want to convey the appearance of success at your job and high-tech organizers, Blackberries, or cell phones help you get your job done.

If you look at realtor pictures, they all seem to go to the same place to buy their wardrobes. Their pictures all seem to show them in suits and ties or comparable business dress clothes. The idea behind the wardrobes are basically the same, dress to show that you're a successful professional. While "dressing for success" may well help clients feel not only that you know what you're doing but are proficient at it, it can also alienate some clients or potentially put you at risk.

The high-end wardrobe might be just the thing when you're dealing with some clients but not every realtor is working with expensive properties or well-off clients. It can be well worthwhile to consider your clients when you put forth an image. If you regularly work with clients who're buying more inexpensive or rustic properties you may want to dress more appropriately for that type of client.

Having too much bling for a particular sales context can possibly make your clients feel that you care more about the money involved in buying and selling homes than helping them get what they need. It can be a lot more effective if you dress to connect with your clients; if you sell a lot of homes to middle income clients, try dressing in business casual instead. If your sales include a lot of rural properties it is worthwhile dressing in such a way that you can comfortably show these properties without being overly concerned that you might get your fancy business clothes dirty. Your clients will have more respect for you and you'll appear to know more about a rural property if you know enough to dress appropriately to show it.

Be aware that having a big focus on looking financially successful can also make a realtor a target of theft, especially since you may be placing yourself in vulnerable situations like open houses or showings. Many realtors have been the victim of a theft or assault while doing a showing or open house so try to keep yourself safer by reducing visible goods that someone might be interested in stealing, like jewelry or gadgetry and having an associate or friend with you.

If you're smart enough to be flexible, you can make your clients feel more connected to you and make the whole sales process more effective.

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