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The Onion System of Home Security

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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
Sometimes recipes call for peeling layers of an onion. Many times, this means that you're struggling to get the layers off while you spill millions of tears all over everything. If you need to peel the onion right down to the center, you're probably going to be glad when it's over – or not even finish the job at all! If your home security is like an onion, you stand a lot better chance of keeping criminals from gaining access to your home and family than you do with a one-stop prevention.

Locked doors, for instance, tell your friends and family you're not at home or not available. However, they are just a problem to be solved by an enterprising home invader. You need more than locks to protect your property and your family. However, depending on another “one-stop-shop” prevention method, like a gun, can also end up in tragedy. A combination of strategies is your best bet to avoid home break-ins or repercussions revolving around the results of defending yourself.

Brush up on your state's laws for home defense. Plan your strategy around them. The best case scenario is a home that makes burglars and other ne'er do wells walk on by. You don't want to have a confrontation with someone so far gone that they would actually break into a stranger's home. You want to make your home as difficult and annoying as possible to break into. Here are some tips; the more you use, the better!

  • Doors should be set in reinforced frames. Inside your home, you should replace hollow core doors with solid wood or steel.

  • Remove or severely trim shrubbery that can conceal criminal activity from the street or neighbors.

  • Install lighting with movement sensors around your home, especially in narrow trackways.

  • Replace all conventional windows with reinforced glass.

  • Ensure all windows have reinforced frames and serious keep-people-out locks.

  • Glass doors should have anti-removal housing and serious locks that prevent the entire door from being moved.

  • Cultivate thorny and prickly plants.

  • If you feel the need for a loaded weapon for protection, buy a gun safe and pay for lessons from sober, experienced professionals with a heavy emphasis on your legal responsibilities should you kill or injure someone.

  • Arrange it so that every entry way makes a lot of noise if opened or breached. Doors can have bells on them, windows can have plants with many metal decorations – anything that makes a noise loud enough to alert you is great.

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