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Getting Ready to Sell with Unwanted Houseguests of the Insect Variety

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When you're putting your home up for sale, the last thing you want to see in your kitchen is evidence of an insect infestation. The whole procedure of getting your house ready to sell is work enough with all the cleaning, repairs, and staging without having to deal with a bug invasion as well!

Some common unwelcome kitchen visitors include ants, cockroaches, and fruit flies. When you have an infestation of any of these types of insect it is usually pretty obvious; you can see the insect and it's pretty darn irritating!

The first step with any sort of insect infestation in your kitchen is to clean it up. Put ALL fresh fruit in the fridge as the smell of ripening fruit will attract insects which reproduce by laying eggs in it and worsening your problem. Seal any products that come in a cardboard box with no liner inside large Ziploc bags or air-tight containers so that no little pests can get at them. It is also very important to have no water sitting around in your kitchen area. Make sure that your sink area is clean and dry and that all dishes get dried well and put away. Consider putting the plugs in your sinks as well, because the traps in them always have water.

Now, to get rid of the bugs that you already have will depend on what kind of bugs have set up shop in your house. Ants and cockroaches can be dealt with in basically the same way. To rid your home of ants or cockroaches get yourself either some Borax or diatomaceous earth. For ants, mix either of those two substances with fine sugar or a slightly watered down honey solution because they are attracted to sweet things. For cockroaches, mix with flour or cocoa powder because those are some of their choice snacks. If you can see where they're coming from outside, you can put these mixtures into the holes and then seal them up with caulking as well.

Fruit flies are generally attracted by fruit, moist garbage, and stagnant water. Keep your fruit in the fridge to keep it from attracting fruit flies; they will lay their eggs in fruit that's left out. Keep your garbage covered and remove it at the end of the day so that it doesn't add up. Once you've eliminated the places for the flies to breed in, it's a small matter of trapping the remaining ones. Fruit flies live for about ten days, so even if you don't trap them, the remaining ones should die off in about a week and a half.

However, if you can't wait that long it's easy to set up a fruit fly trap. A glass with some balsamic vinegar or sweet sherry and a drop of dish soap in it to break the surface tension will attract the flies and when they try to land on the surface they will drown.

The key to getting rid of unwanted pests is diligence. Just remember that you'll need to get put down more bait for your bugs pretty much daily at first so that the potency doesn't wear off and so that it doesn't get scattered around your kitchen. If you're still trying to get rid of the bugs when your home is starting to get shown, make sure you clean up your flour and Borax or your fruit fly traps before people come over to see the house.
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