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What’s in a condo name?

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By : Mike Ciucci    99 or more times read
The names for condo complexes, gated communities or HOA neighborhoods may seem like just part of the scenery. However, naming real estate, especially residential real estate, is a hot topic among developers. So hot that developers can take months to decide on a name and marketers are targeting condo naming as part of their services for development projects.

Naming a complex is the first step in branding it, so developers take their time about naming their projects. They want the perfect name to attract the perfect buyers. The name is the first thing that indicates to a buyer whether the community is right for them, and developers need their projects moniker to say, "Why yes, this is the perfect spot for you to drop several hundred thousand dollars!".

A 'perfect name' depends on who the development is being marketed to, so developers want a name that conjures up images of what their target demographic is interested in. Modern condos tend to be marketed to the younger demographic which is concerned with hip, modern and trendy living space. Upscale, luxury condos may go for the elegant theme, focusing more on images of success, wealth and power to attract buyers.

Developers need the ideal name so badly that many complexes sport names that “sound right” rather than mean anything, like Brix, Metrome and Doma. Uniqueness is much prized in the search for a condo name, so anything that can further the image of a development having something special is likely to be considered, even if scrutiny reveals it to be nothing more than sounds wrought into a pleasing shape.

Another branding effort involves evoking the atmosphere of other places. Some complexes go so far as to create the atmosphere of a completely different country or culture, which is meant to appeal to some individuals’ desire for the exotic. There might be snowdrifts outside, but for the right price, buyers can sit in tropical heat, sipping chilled cocktails. Thus we see names like San Francisco by the Bay and Beyond the Sea adorning complexes in Ontario, Canada.

Condo names are an interesting study, with many a fierce fight behind the scenes for favored names and to keep hold of an established brand. While some names seem pointless or even laughable, they have been chosen (successfully or unsuccessfully as the case may be) for a specific purpose. There is more to the name proudly lettered above the door or in front of the property than just a pretty reference to where the residents live.

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