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Don't DIY: Why You Should Hire a Professional to Sell Your Home

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By : Mike Taylor    99 or more times read
Some people, myself included, have this funny thought process that no matter what the project is, they can do it themselves. Well, in many cases this is completely true; there are a great many projects that you can, in fact, do yourself and get fabulous results from. However, not every project is a good candidate for a do-it-yourself.

Take, for example, the job of selling your home, while there are a plethora of agents out there chomping at the bit to assist you in home sales, there are some people who consider home sales just a big DIY project. If you have experience in real estate or are a retired agent, then this might actually be a reasonable DIY project; if your only experience in real estate is buying or selling a home with an agent, this is not a good project for you to take on yourself, however.

DIY doesn't always work out as well as you hope, after all you don't have the expertise that a professional generally does. A professional will know what the market will bear and can price your home accordingly; an underpriced home will rob you of money that you can invest in your new home, while an overpriced home will languish on the market with very few serious prospective buyers looking at it.

Another big reason that a professional is the best choice for the job is that because a realtor's job is selling homes, they already have all the connections to get the job done in a timely fashion. Real estate sales take a lot of time and effort for a professional, more so if you're learning as you go and need to make all sorts of connections from scratch.

Realtors also have expertise in the realm of legalities required in the home selling and buying business and there are a lot of legalities to consider! Because a lot of paperwork is done with prospective buyers before they're actually shown any houses, this works as security as well.

From a buyers perspective it's also better to have a realtor on your side to sell your home; prospective buyers would prefer the neutrality of a realtor and would almost always prefer to have a realtor do the showing with the owner out of the house. This allows the prospective buyers the freedom to ask candid questions about the property and price; they're also more likely to take a good look at the property, looking in storage areas and closets, etc.

While many homeowners may think that a for-sale-by-owner transaction will save them the money that would be paid in commission to a realtor, in fact it is generally the case that a realtor will net you at least as much more for your home as their commission will cost you, if not quite a bit more. When you factor in the cost of your own free time that you would spend marketing your own home and the stress involved, you're far better off handing off the work to someone who's got experience in home sales.

When you consider the current financial climate and the struggle that so many homeowners are having with getting the equity out of their homes, it has never been more vital that you use a professional in home sales to market your home and guild you through the sales process. If you want to be involved with the whole process, take some time to research realtors in your area and let them know that you'd like to be hands on with the process; but let them do what they do best, getting the best deal for you!
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