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Twitter and Your Real Estate Business

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By : Mike Ciucci    99 or more times read
If you are in any way involved in the social phenomenon that is Twitter, you will have some experience with the many ways that you can connect with people – even through a casual comment you can end up getting attention from people you would normally never contact. This is the power of Twitter. The power of this social networking tool can increase your client base and leads to a surprising degree.

The attraction of Twitter plays to the short attention span that our quick-gratification society has perfected. 140 characters give you the chance to present an idea pithily; if you do it well; you could net hundreds or thousands of followers in a matter of hours if your subject matter is currently popular. If you have a real estate blog or website, Twitter can help you guide people to your content.

Twitter has been described as a cocktail party, with groups of people mingling and discussing various things. If you can add something valuable to the discussion, more and more people will pay attention to you and tell their friends about you. In order to do this, you have to be able to give them something that they want, like information about how to find a good home inspector, say, or great deals on renovation supplies in your area.

‘Giving away’ information on your Twitter about interesting sights and real estate is better than aggressively pursuing people. The aim is to have people reciprocate by reTweeting your information, visiting your blog posts and possibly considering you as a source for their next home. You don’t want to get a reputation for pushing your business via Twitter, as that’s a great way to get banned by other people. What you want to do is provide useful information that gets people interested in your site.

Good strategies are things like @cluelesshomeowner I have an article on my blog about different roof treatments: and Tweeting AwesomeRealtor… is checking out some of the great events in Anytown: This weekend, the Do-it-yourself festival is happening:

Getting Twitter users interested in your areas and your subject makes your online presence much stronger and your voice more powerful when you tell people about real estate in your area. The Internet is today’s tool of choice for establishing your authority. Use it wisely and it will reward you with followers, reTweets, and hopefully future leads and clients.

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