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Translate Real Estate-Speak into Real World- Speak in Your Blog

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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
Most real estate agent blogs on the Internet seem to be an unending number of posts about new listings or market stats or treatises on why you should use an agent as opposed to going it alone. Is any of that really interesting to 99.4% of the people who are perusing the blog – even those who are looking for real estate? Let’s face it; even those who are looking for real estate aren’t always looking for the house listing you just posted. A hot condo listing isn’t doing anything for the person who wants the 3 bedroom rancher. It’s not enough to get the attention of the people who want to buy or sell real estate; your blog has to aim higher and farther than that.

Why would you want to get the attention of people who are not in the market for what you’ve got? There are several reasons: 1) because people who aren’t looking to buy or sell real estate probably someday will want to do just that, 2) the people who read your blog probably know a person or 5 who are looking to buy and sell and 3) the people who read your blog could be influential people in your community who may be favorably impressed, which can smooth things out in the future for you and your endeavors.

Clients appreciate it when you translate real estate-speak to real world-speak without making them feel ignorant in the process. Everything in the world that exists can be boiled down into something that the average person can understand. If you add entertainment to understanding, you will have the building blocks for a compelling blog that draws people in – even the people who are not looking for real estate or aren’t looking for what you’re representing.

After years in the real estate industry, your speech can get peppered with equity, interest percentages, REOs and BPOs. It’s time to go back to when “real estate” was as much a mystery to you as it is to everybody else. Today, your goal is to take the mystery out of real estate for your clients, potential clients and general public of your community. Explain what real estate terms mean to the common man. Go through the ins and outs of the real estate transaction, the special nature of certain types of real estate.

The more you give away on your blog, the more people are likely to respond with business or advertising. Reciprocity can exist, even if it is not obvious. All you need is one person to say, “Are you looking for a real estate agent? I read this blog…”

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