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Making a Home In The State of New York

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
New York has reputation for being rough and uncaring. The truth is that if you look well you not only find humble folks but great deals.

While you might expect that the hustle and bustle of the state of New York would tend to make things harder to deal with and that the fast lifestyle that people live here might tend to make the foreclosure rates higher than in some of the other states. If this is what you thought then you would be completely wrong my friend. People in the great state of New York tend to have far less of a foreclosure rate than do most states in the country. Perhaps that is because they are such a business driven group of people and they know the value of a dollar, but for whatever reason the foreclosure market in the state of New York is much less than you might imagine.

New York is a vast state with everything from farmland to beaches and islands to major metro areas of the largest city in the world, New York City and everything in between. If you are looking to find property that is going to be exactly what you are looking for, you can find it in New York and if you canít find it there on the foreclosure market, there is a good chance that it simply does not exist.

The majority of what you will find in the area of foreclosed homes in the state of New York is going to be older dwellings. This is partially because of the red tape that is involved in getting a new construction project going, a lot of these existing properties are falling into the foreclosed housing market. You are not as likely to find the newer properties and the ones that you do find tend to be in a lot worse condition than some others you find across the country so you need to investigate the damages and condition well.
Julie Thompson, GM Sales & Marketing,
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