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Finding a Good Neighborhood

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Choosing a neighbourhood or a dwelling community is as critical as choosing the type of house you want to secure your family. The house deals with the physical structure which will guard your community, while the neighbourhood is the environment by which you would want your family to live and be surrounded with. The house and the neighborhood, goes hand in hand. Thus, prior to making THE decision of acquiring a residential unit, one should also take a keen look of what surrounds your residential unit of choice. Here are some of the facets, you might want to consider when observing your soon-to-be dwelling community:

Look and Feel/Amenities

The look and feel or the physical environment surrounding the neighbourhood is one of the essential facets which one should consider in searching for the right neighbourhood for your family. One can actually examine the actual look and feel of the dwelling community or neighbourhood under consideration, when takes a walk around the village. While walking, one should carefully observe the serenity of the neighbours, the presence of a green environment, quality of the road networks and waterways and even the cleanliness of front yards, vacant spaces and common areas.

Along with the look and feel, one should also take a look at the amenities present inside the neighborhood. When you have a family of your own, one should consider are their amenities for your kids? Or are the surroundings kid-friendly? Are the amenities open to all homeowners alone or to the general public?


Safety is the basic key to harmonious and peaceful daily living. The primary purpose of acquiring a home is to shield oneself and family from threats and danger. Danger may be man–made or natural calamities. One’s neighbourhood of choice should be safe from both. Of course, one will not really be 100% free from danger, but at least the presence of preventive measures and structure in the dwelling community is already an indicator that safety is a concern of the community. Precautionary measures and structures, such as subdivision gate and guard house, community health clinics and satellite fire stations are plus factors in considering a neighborhood.


Accessibility of transportation is likewise very important in selecting a neighbourhood. The area must not be too close to the main highways and road networks as this is also risky for vehicular and traffic accidents. However, it should not also be too remote that it would be very hard for the homeowners and their visitors to get to the place. Just make sure that the neighborhood is still within the routes of public utility vehicles for accessibility purposes.


The presence of basic utilities such as power and water are very basic in every neighbourhood. Usually, it’s one of those basic facets that is always being overlooked by some potential buyers. It is therefore imperative that in doing the rounds of checking of one’s prospective property of choice, one should always include presence, distribution and source of power and water utilities. This will greatly affect the comfortability of daily living of one’s family. Power should at all times be uninterrupted, as well as the water distribution. Likewise, water source should be always potable to secure a healthy living.

In the final examination of having a good potential neighborhood, one should always exercise the good judgement of finding what place or location is family assured of comfortable, accessible and peaceful living?
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