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Lake Homes on Deep Water

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By : Debbie Bresee    99 or more times read
A lake is simply a body of water that is inland from an ocean. There are all shapes and sizes of lakes, and they’re usually fed by a river. Some lakes are man made, and some are naturally formed. Natural lakes are often found in mountainous regions where land elevations vary. This creates basins where water gathers along its normal drainage route.

Many of the larger lakes are created when a dam is built on a large river causing the water to form a large pool or water basin, and gradually drain out through the dam. The control of that water flow is maintained for several purposes: community water supplies, producing power, irrigation and recreational purposes. Maintenance and control is usually handled by the U.S. Corps of Engineers. They maintain many of the lakes and bodies of water in the United States.

Some lakes have property along the shore that is available for housing developments. You’ll need to consider the depth of the water when you’re shopping for a lake home or homesite. Lake homes whose shoreline accesses deep water will allow for a larger boat or water vessel. Sometimes, in the case of a lake created by a dam, the water’s edge goes into areas that are shallower than others. These are called coves or inlets. While coves and inlets can be deep, often times they are not. They can be rather shallow and murky. This type of water may require the homeowner to have their waterfront dredged to create a deep enough area to access it by boat.

While this may not be a common occurrence in all parts of the country, it’s definitely an issue in some areas. And during certain times in the year, the U.S. Corps of Engineers may need to lower the water level. This could create even shallower water in some remote coves and inlets.

To avoid purchasing a lake home or lakefront property on water that’s too shallow for your boating needs, contact the U.S. Corps of Engineers and ask them about the lake and shoreline maintenance, and water levels of the area in which you’re looking to buy. They can answer your questions about water depth, boat dock permits and requirements, boating regulations, and other pertinent information you’ll need to know before making a lake home purchase.
Debbie Bresee is a REALTOR® and Broker in the Old Hickory, Brentwood and Nashville, Tennessee areas. If you'd like to browse through MLS listings of TN lake homes, or Nashville homes, please visit her web site.

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