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Tips in School Searching Before Buying A Home

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Scouting for places to have your new home could be an easy job as there multiple listing services for real estate properties available via the Internet. Before moving in a new location, you have to do some neighborhood checking. One of your utmost concerns should be looking out for the schools within your prospective neighborhood.

Sure, there are many things you have to prioritize when looking for the perfect home. But remember ensuring that the schools and accessibility to these institutions would affect your child’s future. And dealing with your child’s learning should definitely be on top of your list.

There are various easy steps you could take upon researching for the right school. You need to keep in mind that upon choosing the school, it should meet your requirements of a quality education and the environment it would provide your child.

Outline your ideals

You could make your research easier by defining your ideal school. You should list down the school size, type, facilities, areas of expertise, distance accessibility and academic program. Carefully specify the last item - curriculum setting: traditional, alternative/creative, project-based, hands-on; amount of homework required; after-school programs, especially for young children like day care centers; and extracurricular activities – arts and crafts, music, sports, writing, debate and theater. You may also want to particularize on the parent/guardian involvement – availability of PTAs, fundraising activities, school board meetings; communication tools for updating parents/guardians; discipline policies; teaching staff competency; and community work.

You should also make your child involved in this stage of researching. His preferences in school environment would play a big role in his learning. When you insist on your sole decision, you might risk his belongingness and acceptance within the new community. In addition, you are making him feel that his opinions matter in important decisions. Remember that your child is the one directly involved in this endeavor.

Start searching

Due to the Internet, researching for schools in your chosen neighborhood is not that hard. Most real estate listings available online provide an overview of the amenities and facilities available nearby the location of your future new home. The typical school information you could get as included in the property area details would be the school type, levels offered, physical location and contact details.

Some online real estate listings provide comprehensive neighborhood information that includes detailed education statistics for the whole vicinity. Some of the statistics given are: school expenditures, ratios for number of pupil per teacher, students per librarian, students per counselor, and percentage rates of educational attainment of the residents. Other listings provide summative reports for the school’s competency. You could view the test score graphs, proficiency in extracurricular activities like sports, arts and music competitions.

The listings also provide links for the schools. And the school website usually gives a virtual tour. There are photos, and detailed description of each program offered.

You could also research on news items, feature articles and press releases of the school you are interested applying for. Their amount of publicity may give the initial idea of the school culture and spirit.

Contact the school

If you already have the prospective school, notify the school administration for an ocular visit. If you already have taken a virtual, it is still wiser to actually see the school.

The school would most likely brief you a few days before the observation date. On the visit date, check out these indicators of a good school: inviting classroom set-up; knowledgeable teachers; high participation; facilities in mint condition; and secured perimeters. You should also be an active observer. Do not hesitate in asking questions.

When you are pleased with what you saw and heard, get ready for the next step.

Applying to the school

When you have decided on the school, be ready for the paperwork. Especially if your child is transferring from another school, you should prepare the school documents ahead. Upon application, ask for filing deadline, enrollment process, financials involved and necessary documents like certificates of child’s identity, residence, previous school records, and medical history and vaccination reports. If the school has special focus on specific disciplines, your child may need to organize his portfolio.

Lastly, you should plan for contingencies. In case your first choice does not work out, you have other schools to apply to.
When you do the suggested steps, your school search would be a lot more guided. Hence you could devote less effort and time, and at the same time guaranteeing heightened satisfaction for you and your kid. Get more information in Chatsworth Houses for Sale and Homes for Sale in Chatsworth, California.

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