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Transforming Stigmatized Properties

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By : Carolyn Capalbo    99 or more times read
If youíre trying to sell a property that has been marred by a serious crime, a purported haunting or criminal activity, it might be time for a makeover to change the image of the home you are trying to sell from the image in the papers and on TV.† A different kind of curbside appeal makes it less likely that your buyers will be triggered by emotions associated with the pictures that have been in the news.

The first thing is to take stock of the publicity photos.† Note what they show and where.† If a crime or event is serious enough, there might be photos of the interior of the house as well as the exterior and the grounds.† Gather together what evidence you can and study it.† Your goal is to find out what the public is seeing and change your homeís look so that when buyers come to see the place, they donít see the building in photographs.

Change the landscaping. The more you break up the visual appearance of the property, the less likely it is going to be associated with bad publicity.

  • Prune back trees and bushes or consider removing some

  • Plant trees and flowers

  • Buy some shrubbery or other plants to put on the property

  • Add decorative pathways

  • Plant a garden or make a rock garden

Change the exterior of the house.† Add some architectural details or replace some.

  • If the home was a dark color, paint it a light color

  • If the home was a light color, paint it a different light color or a medium shade

  • Replace windows and shutters to give the home a different look

  • Paint trim, window ledges and entrances a different contrasting color

  • Repaint the doors or replace them

  • Replace the mailbox with a different one

  • Replace the home address numbers with new ones in a different style

If photos were taken that show the interior of the home, you will have to reimagine those areas.

  • Repaint the walls.

  • Replace the carpet or stain the floors

  • Replace or change the appearance of furniture

  • Rearrange the room

Changing the appearance of a stigmatized property will separate it from the bad publicity surrounding its history.† The publicís memory is short and hopefully your work will serve to minimize the triggering of bad memories and promote the homeís sale.
Carolyn Capalbo is an expert military relocation specialist and real estate agent serving Prince William VA real estate. Visit to find updated market information about areas in Prince William, including Fairfax real estate.

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