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Looking for Foreclosures in the Quiet City of Grand Rapids

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
The outlook for finding a decent foreclosed home in the city of Grand Rapids is pretty good depending on what you are looking for.

Grand Rapids is a quaint mid sized city on the River. It has a nice clean down town area and homes that surround the city built on hills over looking the downtown area. Unfortunately the number Grand Rapids foreclosed homes is rising sharply lately due quite literally and tied to the rising unemployment rate in the state and in the city its self. There are several mid-sized cities that are finding the foreclosure rates on a quick increase where as the larger cities like Detroit seem to have fairly well hit bottom and stabilized the numbers.

Grand Rapids is seeing the numbers increase at a staggering rate which is obviously alarming the local homeowners who are first seeing jobs being lost and then seeing the family home falling into foreclosure. The available properties here are fairly much going to be moderately older homes since there was not an overwhelming amount of new construction when the market its self was hot. Most people went out and did re-finances on the homes that put them in the position that they are in now of losing the real estate to foreclosure.

There are a lot of good buys in the area depending on exactly what type of dwelling you are looking for. The vast majority of real estate on the foreclosed homes market here tended to lean towards the single-family dwellings that were very popular in the area. The Midwest as a whole was very big on single-family dwellings as opposed to the duplex style as a way to show the success model of the people that owned the home. As a result the majority of what you will find for sale here is going to be exactly that, single-family two story homes and with brick being the actual building material of choice.

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