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Getting Your House Ready for the Market

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Due to any circumstance, you may want to add your home on the list of for sale houses. This may offer thousands of properties on your area. The prospective buyer will just immediately turn the list to the next pages in search of a good offer. How can you make them stay on your page, and be your prospective buyer?

Before you put your house on the market, have first an experienced realtor check your place. You can have an itemized list of what you need to do based on their suggestions. They will also point out things that you can do to add value to your property.

Lets start on the interior. Of course, first is to remove the things that make it your personal property. You should see it not as your home, but as a commodity that you will have to sell. Take off those family photos on the wall. Hang down those medals or certificates. Do without those things that show how good you were for a few months. Let us go to the kitchen. Pack those canned goods that you have on the racks. The dishes as well should be put in a box. You will realize that you had created a large space after taking them out. For the meantime, hire a space for you to store the furnitures and those utensils that you will be taking to your new home. Do these also to your closet. The attic should also be free. Find some place to park your car, and take out also the bike on your garage. The storage room should also be vacant. Your goal is to create much space as you can to give impression to the prospective buyer that they have enough space for their things.

Next is to focus on repair and re-touching your interior. Replace broken screens and windowpanes. Aim to have your house look a new one, but do not spend too much. Repairing is not remodeling. Part of getting your house ready for sale is saving for your new house. Check especially the plumbings and fitings of the sink and the toilet. Most importantly, the toilet and bath should be shiny on the tiles. The locks should also be working fine. A stiff door knob or one that is not working correctly needs immediate repair or replacement. Try a spray of mild lubricants for stiff ones. Keys should also fit in well.

Now let us go to the outside. Does your house look like its worn-out? If it is, a repaint would instantly perk it up. This would also greatly add to the value of your house. Choose colors that would make it stand out in the neighborhood, but something that is not irritating to the eye. A touch of light yellow would most often give it a fresh look. Make also the necessary repairs on the roof, unless the buyer would want to change it anyway. For the landscape, always good to have the grasses trimmed in short inches. Prone down the bushes especially adjacent trees. Trees of some considerable height should be at the end of the property, as it makes your house look small.

Regardless of what means you take, the thing is to make your house tickle the emotion of the buyer, as buying a home is a matter of emotion.
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