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Investing in Emerging Markets

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By : Melissa Chappell    99 or more times read
The idea of purchasing an investment property in an emerging market is very attractive to many who are beginning to create an investment portfolio. As the prices of the properties are inevitably lower than those in an established market, lower potential financial loss will result from any associated risks.

An emerging market is essentially one that has recently opened up to attract foreign buyers, bringing increased income through foreign direct investment to the country. This investment also assists with developing and establishing a tourist market, which may not have previously existed on a wide ranging scale.

Changes in governments are usually one of the main steps the emerging country has taken to better develop itself towards higher world standards. As an example, over recent years countries in Eastern Europe presented great opportunities for investors, as the countries began to open their doors to foreign investment. Better standards of living were generated, along with increased tourism, improvements in infrastructure and many other beneficial factors.

The East European countries received a great deal of interest from foreign buyers due to the close proximity, low cost of flights, and bargain property prices. After several of these countries were granted access into the EU, the cost of housing dramatically increased, making an instant and impressive capital gain for investors who entered these markets early.

It is not only first time buyers who benefit from emerging markets, although they have been found to be a great way to begin building a property portfolio. Many established investors also see the great potential in these markets and look into multiple purchases, creating a multiplied gain potential.

Many people have benefitted from the high potential gains associated with investing in international property, greatly assisting with increasing interest in the market from potential clients. Various governments have looked at ways financial investments from around the world can assist with generating greater benefits to their countries.

Research into the country of interest is essential to understand how that particular market works and whether it really is of interest to the potential buyer. Various factors come into consideration for the type of investment it will present. The type of government and the government’s integration into encouraging foreign investment is highly important, as an encouraging government can save a great amount of potential problems in the future. The tourist market is also an important actor, as the tourists assist in bringing increased interest to the country along with clients for buy-to-let investors.

Access to the country is also a good indication, especially if the country is easy to reach or actively working on increasing its ports of entry. This helps to create a greater chance of the country increasing its tourism potential, along with assisting investors with future exit strategies and increasing potential capital gains. The seasons when tourists visit will also determine how long the rental market is active, especially important when purchasing a buy-to-let property within a tourist region.

Being in contact with a good investment company will assist with any confusion about regions of interest and a better understanding the potentials of each particular market. The investment company will have done a great deal of ground work to establish whether the market is an interesting one for their clients and the reasons why. These companies will be able to further assist with clearing any doubts, or to lead clients into a direction better suited to their particular requirements.
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