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Turkey as an Ideal Emerging Market

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By : Melissa Chappell    99 or more times read
Established markets for real estate investments are currently undergoing scrutiny for their continuation as ideal long term options. Traditionally considered to be the safest selection for long term growth potential, market downturns of recent times have caused a turn-around in many buyerís opinions.

The situation has created opportunities for several emerging markets to prove their staying power as genuine contenders for long term strength. The strong gains and market stability traditionally reserved for established markets has, over recent times, shown a true test of each marketís genuine worth.

Profits eventuating from previously strong markets have dropped, often to the point of severe losses, causing investors to look at newer markets. Turkey has shown itself to be a strong contender against more traditional investment markets, such as Spain.

Those who bought in Spain as an investment even just two or three years ago have been forced to sit on their investment for a much longer period than previously expected to enable profits anywhere close to those they had envisaged.

Financial woes in home locations have forced many buyers to attempt to cash in on their investments sooner than planned in order to free up finances, meaning that many investments did not mature as hoped.

Buyers skeptical of the increased risks associated with emerging markets, have in some locations suffered from small losses with the current economy, yet markets such as Turkey have been surging along with strength. Even with some small losses from emerging market investments, many buyers have realized that in comparison to investments in the stock market, properties purchased have not become completely worthless.

Buyers are still looking in all markets and properties are still being sold, both in the off plan and the resale sectors, yet not always at the high prices expected. The move into a buyerís market, rather than a sellerís has been seen as a negative aspect for some, yet the reality is that no-one is giving away their properties as worthless.

Savvy investors are delving into different markets, seeing that the emerging destinations such as Turkey are producing a niche environment that has been overlooked for too long.

The attraction of Turkey is set to boom in the coming years, sparked from the ideal position the country has held during the world economic downturn. Simply, Turkey continues to thrive.

For a market within close proximity of the major European cities, with a steady, strong and constantly growing economy, a European outlook, close links with many world super powers, high domestic demand, growing foreign interest and a wealth of geographical attractions, Turkey enables investors to buy into a market with incredible potential.
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