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Growth and Demand of Brazilian Land

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By : Melissa Chappell    99 or more times read
For many years investing in land was primarily an option for wealthy families, whose interest rarely went beyond their immediate surroundings. The worldwide real estate market involving investors from every corner of the globe, developing as a direct result of the internet has been nothing short of a phenomenon.

Every person at one point or another is eager to enter the property market, with investment purchases becoming an increasingly accessible option to clients of all financial levels. Buyers are becoming smarter at assessing risk levels of emerging markets, equipped with a wealth of vital knowledge that can enable continuous successful returns.

While a decade ago the idea of investing in land in Brazil may have appeared absurd to an average citizen outside the farming community, these days it is being snapped up. British investors have moved beyond the initial tentative steps of buying a holiday home on the Costas, to weighing up proís and conís from their market research into far away emerging markets.

As the world is fast becoming a smaller place, travel is becoming increasingly easier and cheaper, with mass tourism enabling incredible new opportunities for property investors. Brazil has experienced first-hand the benefits of both the potential of mass tourism and the economical growth from foreign investment.

As Brazil continues to develop its resources to enable potential as a world economic super-power, holiday makers are benefitting from the idyllic tropical destination. The growth in the tourism market is creating demands for property and especially land, enabling early investors to realize incredible gains.

The minimal financial outlay required from Brazilian land investments, coupled by the growth of the market, high product demand, low maintenance and viable exit strategies, allow for serious, low risk investment opportunities.

Within reach of every investor, the only financial restriction in this ideal commodity relates to how much to buy. Brazil is a large and wonderful country, yet not all of the land available presents ideal investment opportunities. Sought after land is only cheap at its initial stages, holding back from these fantastic opportunities will only benefit other investors. The recent growth rate of around 40% per annum should be sufficient to describe the current demand, showing that a later entry into the market is sure to only reveal lesser desirable opportunities, at incredibly inflated prices.
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