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Marketing is crucial to your success, but sometimes it's a big challenge to keep coming up with new ideas that differentiate yourself in the marketplace. A good idea is to assess your past marketing strategies and tactics see what worked and what didn't. These are just a few ideas that are used by top producing real estate professionals to generate more sales and listings:

  1. Personal Website: In this day and age you cannot run a successful business unless you have a presence on the Internet. The Internet is powerful, effective, and you can reach clients all over the world. If you already have a web site, make sure it's "optimized" for keywords that your prospective clients are searching for. You want to rank as high as possible in Google's search results. A website with good search engine visibility can capitalize on all the sellers and buyers who use the Internet. To do this you must get other sites to link to your site. This is usually referred to as getting backlinks. Web sites that have gained quality links from other established and trusted sites tend to be ranked much higher by Google than those that don't.

  2. Business / Marketing Plan. Having a job as a realtor, agent, or broker means that you are usually your own boss. There are a few key principles and plans by which you need to run your business successfully. First, you need to create a business plan. This is your road map to real estate success. Developing a business plan will allow you to know exactly how you want your business to operate. Even if you already have a clear vision of where you want your business to go, it's always good to write it down. You may conclude that you are missing important details in your business by laying it out in a plan.

    Secondly, yet of equal importance to the success of your business, is your real estate marketing plan. The word "marketing plan" scares some people, but it doesn't have to be that way. A marketing plan for a big corporation may take weeks to create; you can develop yours in a day or two. Creating a marketing plan will enable you to capitalize on your strengths and opportunities in the market. It is important to understand the market before moving forward with your marketing plan. You should know statistics about your potential clients so that you can structure business effectively.

  3. Referral Sheet. It's beneficial to one-page document for gathering testimonials and referrals. At the top of the page it should includes a sample testimonial from a previous client. Below this there should be a few blank lines for clients to write in their own comments. Be sure to include a disclaimer stating something along the lines of: "We may use these testimonials in our marketing / advertising." The last section allows the client to write in three names, addresses and phone numbers of referrals.

  4. Pre-Listing Package. If you believe in emulating today's top producing real estate professionals, then a pre-listing package is a marketing tool you must consider. A pre-listing package does all the selling for you. It provides the client with important information about you, your company and how you will get their home sold. It also educates the seller on the home-selling process and pricing. Prospective clients don't go through the home-selling process on a regular basis as many agents do, so any assistance you can provide them shows concern and professionalism.

    When you use a pre-listing package you are setting a higher standard for yourself. In the clients eyes you are above the average agent who just gives ordinary service. Pre-listing packages show your ability to deliver exceptional service before you ever begin the process. Top producing agents arrange for the delivery of the pre-listing package immediately after getting the lead so that it arrives in advance of the appointment. If you cannot deliver the package personally, then have it delivered by personal courier to the client prior to the appointment. This will allow the client to study the pre-listing package before the meeting. It is important to have your pre-listing package ready to go at any moment so you are fully prepared.

Today's real estate professionals are dependent on such systems to be effective in this demanding economy. In order to compete in this market you need to incorporate different marketing strategies into your business. The above strategies and techniques will help you increase sales, listings and referrals. Good luck and much success!!!

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