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Investing in Property- A Profitable Act?

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Today, most people are conscious about investing their money in the right channel so that they can maximize the benefits of investment. Property is one of the chosen investment avenues. A lot of people make their first investment in property. Although experts suggest that your first investment must be your own home, it is not always necessary. Today, a large number of people buy homes and then rent them out to keep the positive cash flow coming. Then they add to the number of properties and eventually the income reaches lucrative levels. The chief attraction towards investment in property is that property is one of the least volatile investment options. The other popular investment avenues like shares are seeing a massive decline in number owing to the risks involved.

The increasing value

Property is an asset that never declines in value no matter how far the market rate fluctuates. Even the maximum fluctuation in property rates is pretty much bearable. But looking at the current scenario where there is an increasing demand for quality commercial as well as residential space, a sensible investment in property is a potential goldmine. Property is one of the few avenues which have the potential to generate rental income as well as capital growth (when the value of your property increases with time). For the average investor as well as the big time investor there is nothing that is safer than property.

Direct Investment

There are many types of investment options in property. You can invest directly as well as pool your resources with a group of investors. Listed property trusts, managed funds etc are the prime examples of this kind of investment. The advantage of using this kind of investment options is that it will expose you to a much broader range of property. This type of investment is also popular because in case of residential and small commercial establishments, the investment needed per person is quite low. However, you can also think of investing higher amounts and buying prime properties as well.


Although rental income is considered to be one of the factors, another prime reason for people investing in real estate is capital growth. The average growth percentage for properties in America is 9%. This includes the rate declines and periods of extreme stagnation as well. In order to maximize capital growth, you need to have the eye of the eagle. You need to spot a potentially growing property before its rates start to climb. In simpler terms, you need to know when and where to invest in the right time and more importantly at the right price. A good investor will always buy a more expensive property for less. Also you need to be in touch with the market, have a thorough and complete knowledge of market rates, property prices etc. Being in touch with realty experts, reading realty magazines etc are just some of the ways by which you can improve your knowledge about property. Remember, more the knowledge you have, better your chances of making a sensible investment. So arm yourself with the right knowledge and enter this most lucrative field of investment.

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