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Are Foreclosures Profitable?

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
What is foreclosure and why do lenders foreclose a property? These are just few of the questions we have to answer before understanding how can foreclosure be profitable. A foreclosure is a process by which the property owner loses his rights over the property. In the process, the lender takes over those rights and is given the freedom to do what has to be done with the estate. This happens when the homeowner fails to pay his monthly obligations to the lender. This begins when the homeowner receives the Notice of Default.

Why would the lender foreclose the property? What does he get out of it? The lender will foreclose the property because he wants to protect his investments. If he does not take actions, he will not be able to recover the amount borrowed from him. The lender will want for the borrower to settle the obligations according to what has been agreed. If this is unlikely to happen, the lender will want to receive the remaining balance of the loan.

Is this profitable? The lender will surely profit from this. This is because many buyers today are looking for a cheap home to purchase. This is why many are looking for ads and announcements relating to foreclosure sale. The lender determines the minimum bid for the property. He will include the balance of the mortgage and the expenses incurred during the foreclosure process. If there is a successful bidder, then the lender will no longer have problems.

Most investors will also profit from this. There are various ways for them to earn from foreclosures. First, they have to bid successfully and deal with the restrictions and issues associated with it. One of the first things you have to face is to check if the property still has occupants. If it still has, you can either evict them or make a deal with them. If you are out to have the property rented, you can do so by asking the occupants to pay you the rent. Through this, you will not need to look for tenants. You can be certain of an additional earning and at the same time, you are able to help the family. However, you should still have a contract so that if they default, it will be easier to carry out the eviction process.

If the property is empty, hire a home inspector right away. Through this, you will know the necessary repairs that need to be done. Thus, you can prepare the amount to be used for it. After that, you can find a tenant for the property. You can post it in a newspaper ad or in your internet site. If you have checked the vacancy rate lately, they are very low, which means that a lot of tenants out there are looking for a home.

You can sell the property as well. You can do so after renovating it. However, you have to be careful with your computation. Remember, the market values today are low. You have to be careful when pricing the property. You can also hold on to the property longer and sell it after a few months. Keep in mind that the market is slowly recovering.
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